Play PUBG Mobile Like Never Before – Best PUBG Mobile Controllers for Android/iOS for 2020

PUBG Mobile Controllers

What is PUBG Mobile Controller: Use of PUBG Mobile Controllers Increased due to PUBG – For many mobile gamers, the arrival of the Player Unknown Battleground is a very interesting change. Mobile games were boring, child-specific accessories that lacked a sense of reliability or invention. As time goes on, there has been a lot of … Read more

PUBG Mobile New Update – Tencent Gaming Restricted Kids to Play in China – Recent Update

PUBG Mobile New Update

Whats in PUBG Mobile New Update? As per the old post, I have written that China has given notice to some gaming companies to either add gaming limitation or they will ban the gameplay in China. This made Tencent Gaming company which is one of the top gaming company to take a decision and Tencent … Read more