Stretched Resolutions Patch Notes: Epic Games Fortnite – Epic Games to Disallow Stretched Resolutions?

Stretched Resolutions Patch Notes:

Epic Games has just issued a statement on the competitive Fortnite changes and it seems that they are intent on closing the “spread out proposals” used by professional players.

Some time ago, Fortnite competing players found that FOV for Fortnite Resolution Patch Note could be replaced by using a spreading resolution. The image extends on your 16: 9 aspect ratio screen, making a very wide FOV for the player.

It gives the player many advantages such as easy to see the target and more surface area. This method has been used even earlier in popular FPS games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive like Games without FOV setting.

The move by almost all the competitive Fortnite players for that competitive edge was adopted quickly. After months of Epic Games, players have decided to stamp the trend, using stretched Resolutions. His statement about this issue: strong resolution

Stretched Resolution!

What Next in This Patch Note:

‘In the near future, we will update how we handle custom resolution on PC. When using custom resolution, vertical FOV will be locked. Horizontal FOV will be unlocked in all modes, but competitive playlists (for example, the Arena and In-Game Tournaments) will lock the aspect ratio at 16: 9. ‘

After the discovery of the method, players must have made changes in the correct meaning within a week or two. This makes the sub-parallel to look at the game and clearly goes against Epic’s vision of how they want to play their game.

Epic said that it will lock aspect ratio in 16: 9 in competitive mode. The players first used the stretched Resolution Patch Note to benefit themselves.

Players will still be able to use the Stretched Resolution Patch Note in regular game mode. Most competitive Fortnite players use Stretched Resolutions while playing the player. Looking at the World Cup tournament under $ 10,000,000, this change is shocking.

Statement By Epic Games:

Epic Games just released a statement on Competitive Fortnite changes and it seems they are intent on locking down the ‘stretched Resolutions Patch Note’ used by professional players…right before the World Cup.

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