Stay online and Earn Rewards – Lethal Rabbit Top and Coupon Scraps 100% free

A Good News for all there is a new Event in PUBG Mobile “Stay Online and Earn Rewards”. These Rewards are now epic but good and you don’t have to work hard for them. There is a total of Two Similar Events schedule from 7 of Oct to 17 Oct and another is Schedule from 8th of Oct to 9 of Oct.

What are the Rewards?

  • Lethal Rabbit Top – Permanent
  • Premium Coupon Scraps – 5
  • Classic Coupon Scraps – 3
  • Supply Coupon Scraps – 3

All of these are free, you just have to keep your game on for 180 minutes max. If you are an Emulator Player then just make sure you keep your Game online for 180 Minutes during this time period.

Stay online and Earn Lethal jacket
Stay online and Earn Lethal jacket

If you are a mobile Player, then you just have to put your Mobile on charge and keep your Game on for 180 Minutes.

What is Stay online and Earn Rewards Event?

PUBG Mobile keeps introducing new events once in a month, to keep their game time at the top. Similarly, this Stay online and Earn Rewards event is one of them.

They want their players should stay online and increase their game consumption time. This might have happened due to the new game launched called Call of Duty Mobile. As this game is new then Players are trying that game and PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Players Are Pushing their Rank in PUBG Mobile.

So to keep the Free RP users attached with PUBG Mobile; PUBG Mobile might have launched two Events with Stay online and earn Rewards.

Stay online and Earn Rewards Event 2
Stay online and Earn Rewards Event 2

Anyway, we just want to earn points and get exciting gifts and rewards.

How to Get Rewards in this PUBG Mobile Event?

  • Open your game on Mobile or Emulator.
  • Check out in the event Section and see if you got this Event in Themed Section.
  • If yes, then keep your game ON for 180 Minutes that is for 3 Hours Maxx to get all Rewards.
  • Try to Earn all rewards in one day. Because the timer might reset after one day.
  • Once you complete the time you can collect your rewards in Event.
  • Just visit Themed Section of Event and look for Stay online and Earn Rewards.
  • And collect your Rewards.


I have shared a new event launched in PUBG Mobile which will be live from the 7th of Oct and this event is giving some Coupon Scraps with one Jacket Skin for Free and the skin is Permanent.

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