Season 13 Recall Event – Get 2 Permanent Outfits for Free!!!

PUBG Mobile Season 13 has been launched today on the 13th of May 2020. With this Season 13 Recall Event also started where you can get 2 Free Character Outfit for free.

If you have missed the permanent outfit from Season 12 Recall Event then you have one more chance to get that rewards again. I won that outfit in Season 12 just because of you guys and thanks for everything thanks for your support.

Recently we finished our Season 13 Royale Pass Giveaway and winners are here. The first winner got 770 UC second winner got 110 UC and the third winner got 46 UC approx.Click To Tweet
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Giveaway Winner
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Giveaway Winner

Rewards in Season 13 Recall Event:

You will get a chance to win 1 permanent outfit among these 3 outfits named below and The Reward will be sent after this Event will end.

  1. Road Rage Set
  2. British Police Set
  3. Piglet Set

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PUBG Mobile Recall Event Final Rewards
PUBG Mobile Recall Event Final Rewards

This PUBG Mobile Recall Event will be for around 2 Weeks like the old one, Every season you will see some different rewards but for limited time.

Event Start Date: 13/May/2020

Event End Date: 26/May/2020

You can Purchase following Rewards by using your Assembled Recall Tokens. Each Reward is limited and you can not redeem that reward more than its limit. If you want to earn these Tokens read the steps given below.

Redemption Store in Season 13 Recall Event
Redemption Store in Season 13 Recall Event

How to Play the Recall Event?

Simple steps to complete the Season 12 Recall Event in PUBG Mobile.

  • Open PUBG Mobile Game
  • Go to Event Section search for Recall Event
  • Check and Invite your Friends individually
  • or Share your Recall Link on Social Media and let your friends know you are inviting them.
  • You will get rewards when you invite and complete the mission under Recall Event.
  • Each Completed Mission will give you Recall Reward Point that can be used for Shopping rewards.
  • You can use these Recall Points in Recall Shop only, to buy exciting rewards.

These steps lets you collect the Recall Tokens from Assemble section of Recall Event. Then you can use these collected Recall Tokens to Redeem/Purchase the Rewards shown above in the Redemption Store.

Assemble Token in PUBG Mobile Recall Event
Assemble Token in PUBG Mobile Recall Event

Rules for Recall Event:

There is not much difference or you can say Rules for Recall Event has not changed just the Season, Month and Update has changed form Xmass Recall Event to Season 12 Recall Event.

  • layers who are above level 15 and have not logged in more than 28 days are eligible for this Recall Event.
  • Each Recall Mission can be completed 15 times.
  • Recall Rewards Points are also called a Recall Token.
  • You can use the Tokens to buy Items form Recall Shop.
  • Each Recalled Player can help you to complete each mission only once.
  • There is a limit of redemption of each item from Recall Shop.
  • Unused Recall Token will be converted to Bonus Points and mailed after the event is End.