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PUBG PC Lite: Release Date in India | Global | [System Requirements and Download Size]

Pubg PC Lite: Release Date

The PUBG PC lite is exactly like the title – a lite version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground that is the Lite Version of Pubg PC Game. Many of us are not aware of the Pubg PC Lite Release date in India or over the world. It may because we did not feel the need to find it out. But we are going to discuss all the points here in this article like:

  1. Pubg PC Lite Release date in India, US, Uk, Japan or other countries.
  2. If not Released in any Country then How to play using VPN.
  3. What are the System Requirements?
  4. How this game is different from the original one?

Let’s get started with the Introduction

System requirements are much less than the normal version of the game and it is free to play. It will also run on laptops and low-end systems that will have Intel HD graphics 4000 or better. These requirements are very close to the long-running opponent, Fortnite. Players will have only two maps to play – Erangel and Miramar. This will be closer to PUBG PC than PUBG, but the adventure of Battle Royale will still be there!

Watch The Trailer Below:

The beta update of Pubg PC Lite for PC was released in limited places on January 24 this year. It allowed a computer with low-end hardware to run the acclaimed game at playable frame rates. Graphics are placed below to meet the system requirements. To further enhance the experience, the following updates will be presented in the stable construction of PUBG Light:

  • New weapons and scopes
  • More realistic gameplay
  • A Better Free Bounty System
  • Smooth parachute animation
  • Better Anti-Cheat System

The above updates are aimed at making Pubg PC Lite better and more comfortable playing experience. Unfortunately, there is no information about the steady update and the wide release of the game when it will be seen, or when it will come on steam, but it is expected to be released in the following weeks.

Pubg-Lite Release Date: Country Wise –

Following the initial beta release of the game, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground PC Lite Edition has had great success. Despite being still in beta stages, there is already a significant number of players playing the game and we know that they have a completely different team that develops the game from the console version.

This is the best way for developers to reach a large player base, which is a lack of their high system requirements to play on PCs. Available for free, currently the only field to block most players are locked – because it is currently only available in Asian countries. We know how the Asian market like PUBG is so attractive in terms of the Royal Games, so it is clear that they will target the same market.

Pubg PC Lite Release Date by Official Support Page:

PUBG PC Lite Beta Test service Was Released on January 24th only in Thailand. Then On February 14th, 9 additional Beta Test service was Launched in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore.

Also, They have Expanded PUBG PC LITE beta test to Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau on the 28th of March.

PUBG PC Lite Release Date in India 

As we all know – It was expected to be released sometime between now and end of 2019. This new is going to be true now.

PUBG PC lite India
PUBG PC lite India

The PUBG PC Lite India Pre-Registration Winners will get a Reward Email on 13th June 2019. So we can say PUBG PC Lite will be released in India on 13th June 2019.

But there is no official statement from PUBG PC Lite website or social media post that PUBG PC Lite will be released on this particular date. But yes if it happens then what to say. PUBG Mobile Emulator Players are going to make celebration on 13th June 2019.

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It has recently been made available in three Asian countries: TAIWAN, HONG-KONG, and MACAU.

Pubg PC Lite for PC was launched in January in an effort to bring elements from the original game squeezed into a lightweight and linear version. The game is still in beta and has been made available only in limited areas. However, some progress has taken place and very soon everyone is likely to join hands in the game.

This Game Available on Steam:

In its March 2019 dev letter, game developers announced that they are working on new features based on feedback from players and streamers in service areas. He said that “PUBG Light PUBG Steam Edition is aiming for Player Unknown’s Battleground fundamentals, and adding many platforms verified through multiple platform services so that all the players can enjoy playing more easily, more of the game Enjoy easily and enjoy the game in a variety of PC environments.

Pubg PC Lite

This means that PUBG PC Lite can be available not only in new areas but also on Steam, which flows to those gamers The good news is, that do not have high-end hardware. PUBG was developed on the basis of light ballistic systems were developed ballistic systems and was constantly improving and PUBG.

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PUBG PC Lite system requirements –

The creators of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground have created a new version, which requires very little powerful hardware to run the name, Pubg PC Lite. There were also very few system requirements to enable a large player base to enjoy the game. Can your computer or laptop run a new Pubg PC Lite? It’s likely that if your PC complete this minimum requirement, then it will surely work!

PUBG PC Lite System Requirements

Pubg-Lite Minimum System Requirements

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 4000

Recommended System Requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2.8GHz
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 DEDICATED VIDEO RAM: 2048 MB

Pubg PC Lite will be a standalone game, with its own content creation stream and development team, and it will also support duo, solo, and squad play in the third person’s perspective. Beta players will fight on the original PUBG map, ERANGEL, but “Map and content familiar with PUBG players” will be added at some point below the road. For now, beta is available only in Thailand, but assuming that it runs smoothly, I hope the market will be wider in the near future.

How To Download PUBG PC LITE –

Tencent gaming, behind the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground franchise, launched PUBG PC Lite, a toned-down version of the popular PUBG PC game that is specifically targeted for budget devices with limited amounts of RAM and processing power.

If You are Looking For PUBG Mobile Lite Version Visit Here!!

This game is currently only available in the Phillippines on the Google Play Store, but India’s player can get their hands on PUBG PC Lite by downloading an APK on their Android device. Find out below the steps you need to follow to download and play Pubg PC Lite before Release Date in India.

Follow the Steps Given Below:

  1.  Download the Setup From Pubg Lite Official Site Click here!!
  2.  Install the Game and Try to Play if not work Install the Necessary Driver Given below the Download Link on Official Website.
  3. As soon as the game is available for Phillippines, anyone cannot play games directly from India, and it should use VPN to make traffic tunnel from a different area. Therefore, download a VPN from a reputed company and connect to the Philippines server.
  4. Launch PUBG Lite after selecting the appropriate VPN Server location.

If you are still unable to register for PUBG PC Lite even after connecting to the server and following all the above steps, then you are out of luck and wait till the official release of the game in India.

Watch This video to see how to play using VPN

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