PUBG Mobile Update New Year special Monster that you cant kill in India can kill only in China

PUBG Mobile Update 2019:

As of now, we all know about PUBG is one of the most popular Game of the Year 2018 and is constantly gaining new users, because of its frequently upcoming new updates (PUBG Mobile Update) which bound us to play more and enjoy.

Same for this year 2019, Monster has been added in PUBG Mobile Update which you can not kill it in INDIA !! yes you can’t kill that monster if you are an Indian Player, the reason behind this is: China is celebrating its New Year 2019, and it is the largest players area where PUBG is played among the Globe and PUBG Mobile has a New Year Gift for all of them in the form of a Monster killing in Arcade mode, which will give some special items after killing it.

This is the only reason that the Monster Update is given only for China and that’s why Indian Players cannot play and Kill that Monster. So let’s see what that monster has and how the Game look is given.

PUBG Mobile Update added a Monster Killing Task in China:


  • Happy new year gift to chines Players
  • PUBG Mobile Update added Monster in Gameplay
  • Killing Monster will give special gift items
  • a special Flair Gun which can bring Monster into the game and killing it gives you Loot
  • Arcade Moster Mode with your squad (see the video)

A great happy new year to China from PUBG as we know China is a country where Density of PUBG players is counted in top dense than most of the region that causes PUBG Mobile to bring a New year Special Gift for them to keep their Players interest and Let them play more.

PUBG Mobile Players Density country wise in percentage

This new Update gives some different experience to players like when you use a flare Gun we are expecting a plane and an air supply with 3 parachutes, but a little change is done for China, When a Flare Gun is fired in sky then you will see a thunder and clouds up there with lightning and suddenly a monster in the place of Air Supply which further killing it gives you the Supply items and some points.

you can see the detail in the given video.

Whereas in Arcade gaming mode you have to face a really big monster and hit him to kill and Gain points. Hitting on the different body parts gives you different points. It’s been unconfirmed that the monster is killed in the end or not but while you hit him it becomes more and more aggressive, and powerful.

Somehow after seeing this gameplay, I remember the Contra Game where Players hit a monster at the end fight for a long time to kill it and gain more and more points, 90’s kids will remember what I am saying.

According to News 18: “These will be Chinese mythical creature-looking monsters. You need to first activate the statues placed around the map to play in the Monster Hunting Mode. The new update is reported to be only available on the Chinese servers, but with the growing popularity worldwide, the company may end up releasing it for everyone”.