PUBG Mobile Update is going to add Zombies, Rickshaw Vehicle and MK47 Mutant Updated AR

PUBG Mobile (new) Update:

Zombies vs Human Fight

Yes, you are going to play against the zombies soon, it is said that a team of players will be on an Island to save Humans against Zombies attack. In this, the total number of players will be 100 as usual but the members other than players like DUO or Squad will be Zombies, as you can play and see the video below 2 Humans vs 98 Zombies.

It is said that this feature is combined venture of PUBG mobile and Residencial Evil as it was earlier in Mission Impossible. The variety of playing mode is going to make some difference as the zombies are much similar to humans behavior like they can hide prone and crouch according to your fire. But they will not have any weapon in their Hand. You just to play to save Humanity and kill all zombies or survive for a period of time against them.

The video above will describe much about this update, and I hope this will bring so much thrill and fun as PUBG has truly made it earlier.

The second Update is a vehicle similar to Rikshaw/AutoRikshaw called Tukshai :

The second most surprising Update for PUBG Mobile is going to be the most popular Indian Vehicle we all know and will love to drive it in GAME, Rikshaw or Tukshai. This vehicle is also called as Tuk Tuk in other Asian Countries and is a really popular vehicle as no Mobile Game has given access to drive a Rikshaw within the game.

Now just we have to wait for and watch whether tuk-tuk brings PUBG mobile craze up or not.

The Third PUBG Mobile Update MK47 Mutant Assault Rifle:

MK 47 similar to AKM is a new Assault Rifle going to add in PUBG Mobile with a sniper effect where you can use it as an AR or Sniper on Single.

This gun will use 7.62 Ammo and hope to become the next popular AR in PUBG mobile after SCAR-L and M416.

I especially love to use M416 as it has very less Recoil and support 4x better than other AR.

PUBG Mobile Update