PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass – A Warning!!!

You Read the Title Right there is one point to be noted if you are updating to PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass. But first, let me share one advance tip for those who are purchasing this Royale pass the first time.

Those who are purchasing this Royale pass for first time congratulation you are going to get some extra bonus rewards. But for this you need to purchase the UC First then you will have to Purchase the royale pass.

Bonus Rewards for New Royale Pass Users

I would suggest you go for Midasbuy for the cheapest UC for PUBG Mobile. And you will then get these following Rewards in your in-game Email.

What is the Season 13 Royale Pass Warning?

If you are a regular Elite Pass or Elite Pass plus user then you might know that when you Purchase the Royale Pass and play till 100 RP you will collect up to 600 UC for free.

But from PUBG Mobile Season 13 Update players will be given the option to choose from 30 UC or 400 AG coins for RP Rewards Collection.

What is AG Coin in PUBG Mobile?

The AG Coin in PUBG Mobile is another currency added from PUBG Mobile Update v 0.18. These coins can be used to Redeem Rewards from Shop.

Choose Between AG Coin or UC
Choose Between AG Coin or UC

As you did till now you just collected some Silver Fragments now you will see the AG Coin option with Silver Fragments and I think AG coins are really very cheap and you can collect them from Events too. Keep it as Season 13 Royale Pass – A Warning or A request but please don’t choose AG Coins.

So I Request you when PUBG Will ask you to Choose between AG Coin and UC then Please Choose UC because the AG coins are not worthy and useful as UC is important.Click To Tweet