pubg mobile update 0.12 beta

PUBG Mobile New Update v 0.12 Beta is out with New Zombies, Rocket Launcher and Much More

PUBG Mobile New Update v 0.12

The new beta update for PLAYER’S UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND Mobile is finally launched. We have recently seen version 0.12.0 which is rolling globally and brings some new features, which can eventually be added to the commercial version of the game. Expect two new weapons, a new zombie mode, friendly spectate, crosshair color options, quick chat updates, companion eagles, new weapons and more.

In the context of bug fixes, developers have fixed a bug where the hair was not properly displayed while equipping some headgear. Fixed a bug where season 6 pants caused graphics glitch at certain levels. Fixed a bug where the doors were not displayed properly. Also Fixed a bug where players can get stuck in buildings in some areas.

Pegion in PUBG Mobile
“Pigeon in PUBG Mobile”

In other news channel related PUBG mobile update, in response to the incidents of tragedy and violence, Tencent Games has imposed a guardian control to curb the alleged of “cyberbullying and gaming addiction” promoted by PUBG Mobile. The game developer has started a “digital lock” on some games, in which players aged less than 13 have to ask their parents to open.

What Other Things are in Pubg Mobile Update v 0.12 Beta

1. Friendly spectate

This is probably the best feature where you are playing games with your friends. The feature will also allow you to see your friend’s stats and information, while you can see them. You can also see how many viewers are watching when you are playing a game.

2. Added male voice to quick chat

The highlight of PUBG Mobile is this quick chat sound. Especially the classic Quick Chat female voice is very famous among the players. Now a male instant chat voice has been added! Now you can use Quick Chat commands in this PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update patch notes in the voice of a man.

3. New weapon

Two new weapons are going to be included in the game. The first is an RPG-7 which is a rocket launcher. The second is an explosive crossbow, where the bolt is going to explode if the target is hit, and if you hit objects like walls and vehicles, it is also expected to fly. Now we are not sure about the availability of these two new weapons because we have heard that both will be available only in Zombie Event Mode.

4. Change CrossHair Color

You can now change the color of Crosshair in Red Dot Sight, Holographic, 2x and 3X Scope. You can choose any color what you want or like to select. This feature was already available in the PUBG PC version.

5. New zombie adventure mode

A new-new zombie mode has been added under the Event Mode section. Details have been said, collect the supplies during the day and close the zombies at night. Till then do not come to win the defense, survive! ‘Basically, this could be left for dead style mode, where you need to survive and survive the zombies for a particular time period, unless you get away from the map.

6. New Companions Added

Now you will not run PUBG Mobile alone because the partner will always be with you. It can be a dove or an eagle. The companion will only appear for you and your colleagues. Enemies will not be able to see your partner.

Finally, Official Update News is OUT:

You Are Going to See the Latest PUBG Mobile Update V 0.12 :

Releasing Date : (19 April) Approx

What’s New in This Update?

  • Zombie: Survive Till Dawn changes
  • New Weapon
  • New Zombies
  • Some zombies can now climb over low walls or onto roofs
  • Zombie: Darkest Night — Brand new zombie mode which is different from Survive Till Dawn

Other new features:

  • Scope crosshair colors can be customized in the settings.
  • Be able to spectate the matches that your friends, crew or clan members are currently in.
  • Read More on PUBG Mobile Update V 0.12 Beta Released

Stay tuned on PUBG Mobile Update for more upcoming features. Coming soon!

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PUBG Mobile Update 0.12

New PUBG Mobile Update v 0.12 is OUT Today (17 April 2019) Read it Here

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