PUBG Mobile New 15.0 Update News – RPG, Helicopter, Payload Mode, New TDM and Much More

What’s New in PUBG Mobile New Update 15.0?

The Latest PUBG Mobile Update that is 14.5 has been released on the 11th of Sept. 2019, with Royale Pass Season 9. And as per the schedule of PUBG Mobile Company, the next update that is PUBG Mobile new 15.0 Update is going to release on the 16th of Oct. So PUBG Corp notified us that the Game will go Under maintenance.

Update Size will be as follow:

Android: 1.76GB

iOS: 1.98GB

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Introducing PUBG Mobile Update 15.0

PUBG Mobile new 15.0 Update will be releasing on 16th October 2019. The Beta version is out and includes the following things. And let’s get started for the next update version 0.15.0

BRDM 2 from 16 OCT
BRDM 2 from 16 OCT

PUBG Mobile New 15.0 Beta Game includes:

  • New Mode in Evo-Ground -Payload Mode
  • New TDM Mode/Map
  • Helicopter
  • RPG – Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Super Crate
  • Radio Tower – To Respawn your dead Teammate
  • Graffiti
  • BRDM 2 Vehicle and Much More.

PUBG Mobile 15.0 Update Game will include:

  • Improved Guns – M16A4, UMP9 will be UMP45, and  Vector will use 9MM Ammo, Added Desert Eagle,
  • Include Vehicles like – BRDM2, Helicopter,
  • Fuel Tank Will Explode.
  • Ledge and Grab Function included.
  • Rocket launcher and RPG both included.
  • You can get back your Dead Team Mate alive back.
  • Graffiti included
  • FPP Training Ground and Rookie Mission like COD Mobile.
  • Survive Till Dawn – Map is Tunned for Halloween. and Payload Mode Added.

PUBG Mobile New 15.0 Update Detail News:

As of now if you have read all the points mentioned above then you might have released that the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile is going to be the most attractive Update. Before this update, I was excited about the Update version 14.5 that this update is so cool.

But not now, after downloading the Beta version of PUBG Mobile Update version 15.0 I am loving it. This PUBG Mobile new 15.0 Update have lots of Modes and Items in it that nobody can resist to play the next version.

To download the Beta Version 15.0 Click Here

“Now it’s time to discuss all Upcoming Updates in Details. New Mode, New Weapons, New Vehicles are coming up in the next PUBG Mobile Update.”

New Mode – Payload Mode:

The New Upcoming Mode in PUBG Mobile new 15.0 Update which will be added in Evo Ground Category is named as Payload Mode.

In this Payload Mode, you will be able to play along with all new updates like new weapons, new Guns, etc.

Payload Mode
Payload Mode

The Payload Mode in PUBG Mobile will include Helicopter, BRDM 2, RPG, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, etc.

This Mode is specially made for Erangle Map in PUBG Mobile. There is no map selection option in this mode.

New TDM Map in PUBG Mobile New 15.0 Update:

There is a Warehouse Map in TDM Mode, as a default Map which is quite relative to Erangle Map. But Now You will see a new Map which will be related to Sanhok and this TDM new Match is quite bigger than the default map.

New TDM Mode Map
New TDM Mode Map

The specialty of this new TDM Map in PUBG Mobile New 15.0 Update is you have different ways to attack just like Counter-Strike. And you will be able to Pick up the Primary Weapons of your enemy that you have killed.

New TDM Map
New TDM Map

Or if you think you need different Gun or Ammo then you can change your guns at multiple Places in this new TDM map.

Rest things are quite similar to old TDM Map Mode and let’s see which Map becomes more Popular.

New Vehicles in PUBG Mobile Update:

New Vehicle in the sense Helicopter and BRDM 2 Vehicle. One of these that is BRDM vehicle is already launched in PUBG.

You can fire the Flare Gun outside the Safe Zone to call the Flare drop as BRDM 2 Vehicle. As this vehicle has very high damage and can also be used on both Water and Land.

BRDM 2 Vehicle
BRDM 2 Vehicle

Due to the Very High damage, PUBG Mobile is also launching the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher which will help in destroying the new Vehicles.

If we take a look at helicopter, then I think its copy of Call of Duty Mobile as the company also has tweeted about Releasing Call of Duty on 1st October 2019.

Helicopter in New Update
Helicopter in New Update

You can take the Helicopter and fly on the map. There is no fix location for this Helicopter that you can always plan to land for it.

New Weapons in PUBG Mobile Update:

New Weapons in PUBG Mobile new 15.0 Update are RPG, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher. These all weapons will be only available in EVO Ground Mode.

The RPG was already present in this mode to kill zombies and your enemies too. But due to Helicopter, a new weapon called Rocket Launcher has been added.

Super Crate Loot new Weapons
Super Crate Loot new Weapons

This Rocket launcher can destroy the helicopter in 2 to 3 hits. And the best part is this missile can track and auto-follow to hit accurately the Helicopter.

Rocket Launcher Use
Rocket Launcher Use

The Grenade Launcher is available in two types a Pistol type and an AR type. And both are dangerous such that you can continuously fire the Grenades with AIM Pointers.

Other Features in PUBG Mobile 15.0 Update:

There are still two updates remaining, that are the Respawn Radio Tower and Super Crates.

Both of them can be the spot on the map by a Blue dot and Orange Dot in the map respectively.

The Radio tower can help you to bring back your Dead teammate back, and the Super Crate will help you with full of the loot of Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Ghillie Suit, Aug, etc.

When your teammate dies then you get a 2 Minute chance to collect an ID Card from his crate. Which then you have to bring to the Tower and show it. After that, your friend will automatically get respawn with a parachute and you can play together again.


This article covers in detail update from PUBG Mobile 15.0 Beta Update. Where lots of updates are assumed to be launched by next month. This might be unexpected but as the Call of Duty Mobile has tweeted to Release the game on 1st October 2019.

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