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ESP Hack for PUBG Mobile PC – Download PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack V1.7.1

The No Root PUBG Mobile ESP Hack is quite similar to this PUBG Mobile Emulator hack. The similarity is just because of the operating system used in the Emulator.

While I am going to discuss here ESP hack for PUBG Mobile PC I will be talking about the Gameloop Emulator only (you can also use the same method for other emulators too). Those who use other Emulators to play PUBG Mobile please shift to Gameloop 7.1 Version that allows you to play games @90FPS.

If you are a mobile player for PUBG Mobile you will find the PUBG Mobile ESP hack App here.

Disclaimer: We are against promoting these types of gaming hacks, this article is made for the purpose of an informative article only. We are not responsible for any loss after any action taken by the user using this info.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack?

The PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack works similar to the Mobile ESP hack, it allows you to do the following things.

  • PUBG Mobile Emulator ESP hack allow you to detect the enemy players.
  • With this Emulator hack you can Fire through the walls in PUBG
  • Using this Emulator ESP Hack in PUBG Mobile players speed increase greater than vehicle speed.
  • This Apk works on any Android Emulator free of cost.
  • The best feature is this ESP hack is Anti ban as per the developer.
PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack Loading Picture

Download PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack on PC:

Now I am going to share the App Download link with some basic steps of installation. Follow the steps given below as it is and if you face any issue let us know in the comment box.

App NamePUBG Mobile Emulator Hack
Updated onNov. 2021
File Size96 MB
SupportsAndroid Emulators
Total Downloads101k
Download LinkWait for 10 Seconds

This app is easy to download and use on Android phones but on some emulators like Gameloop, it is difficult to download an external app than games.

Steps to Install PUBG Mobile ESP Hack on PC:

Now it’s time to follow the installation guide for emulators, if you want to know how to install different games on Gameloop Emulator visit our Gaming Section.

Step 1: First make sure you open your Android Emulator on PC

Step 2: Then Install/Open Google App or Apkpure App store and Install Hacker App on Emulator.

Step 3: OR Open any Browser and Download the Hacker App. Click Here

Step 4: Once the App is installed close all recent apps in your Emulator.

Now Open the Hacker App and enjoy PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack on PC. This Hack will contain PUBG Scope hack, Aimbot, PUBG Wallhack, Unlimited Health, and other features.

If you want to know more about these Features in detail read the features guide given below.

PUBG Mobile ESP Emulator Hack Features:

Read the Features mentioned below to know more about this Emulator hack App. All Features are mentioned by the Developer and it is not necessary that all will work fine. (not tested.)

  • No Root:- Just like Mobiles, you dont need to root your PC/Emulator to install this App.
  • AimBot:- The Aimbot lets you autoaim to the enemy’s head.
  • Wallhack:- By using this Hack one can see through the Wallls in PUBG Mobile.
  • Anti-ban:- Even if this hack is banproof, if Krafton caught you then you may get a lifetime ban.
  • Control Recoil:- This app can also control your AR recoil while playing PUBG Mobile on PC.
  • Enemy Position:- With the help of colors and lines you can see the enemy player position in PUBG.
  • Speed Boost:- By chance you got stuck you can run faster than the Vehicle speed to escape.
  • Unlimited Health:- With this Feature your player will auto heal without using any healings in the PUBG Mobile.


All information shared here is just story material, I have never tested any ESP hack on Mobile or Emulator. Unfortunately, those who cant play PUBG Mobile or don’t like this game also end up using such useless Hack apps and get a permanent ban from PUBG Mobile.

I request you to either play the fair gameplay or just play the game you like, eg. I like Simulation games so whenever I get bored of PUBG I play Simulator games.

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