PUBG Mobile Domination Mode – Season 11 Update

PUBG Mobile Domination Mode:

As per the Schedule, PUBG Mobile Update v16.5 is Live today with RP 11 Season Pass. With this one new Mode has been released named PUBG Mobile Domination Mode. You will find this Domination Mode in the following path.

Open Map -> Go to EvoGround -> Then choose Domination Mode with Town Map.

Actually I already have played this PUBG Mobile Domination Mode in COD Mobile. And with true intent when I played this Mode in PUBG Mobile; I loved the COD Mobile Domination Mode.

You can Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile Season 11:

Reach max rank and get 600 UC towards upgrading next season’s pass. Elite Royale Pass rewards are worth 30,000 UC!

I don’t think why PUBG Mobile keeps trying such new unuseful things. This does not mean I didn’t like the PUBG Mobile Rage Gear Mode, but PUBG must stop copying the game type. Or if you copy then just make sure you make it better than original.

Domination Mode in Town Map - EvoGround PUBG Mobile
Domination Mode in Town Map – EvoGround PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Domination Mode Features:

  • New Map called Town.
  • New Mission to capture and hold the position.
  • Super Weapon Crates are new here.

Domination Mode Failures:

  • The map is too much small enemy can kill you by being snake at your respawn place
  • No difference than COD Mobile Domination Mode. (CODM Domination mode is better)
  • Only one Map to play in this Mode.
  • No Priority or planning needed just capture the A, B and C Locations and kill the enemy.

How to Play Domination Mode?

If you have not played the CODM Domination mode then let me explain to you what happens in this PUBG Mobile Domination Mode and what is your primary goal to win this game.

Domination Mode Instructions
Domination Mode Instructions
  • This is a 4 vs4 time-limited and score limited match.
  • you have to create a loadout already for each EvoGround Mode, and this is also an EvoGround Mode.
  • You will be given 3 Locations with A, B and C names that you have to capture and keep your hold on it.
  • You can kill your enemy and get killed unlimited times Respawn is available.
  • When you Respawn you can change your Loadouts that is Gun Setup.
  • Winner for PUBG Mobile Domination Mode will be decided by how many Places you Hold under you for how long? and the kill points too.

Assault Mode in Ruins Map:

The new edition of Time Limited Arcade Mode game in Ruins Map. In this Assault Mode, you have the following objectives.

Assault Mode in Ruins Map - EvoGround PUBG Mobile
Assault Mode in Ruins Map – EvoGround PUBG Mobile
  • you will get 1 point for every kill
  • Killing more will select the winner
  • Similar to Arcade Mode in Erangel

About PUBG Mobile Latest Update 16.5:

The PUBG Mobile new Update 16.5 is live with the upcoming Season 11 release on the 10th of January; PUBG Mobile Domination Mode, and Assault Mode in Ruins. Many more things are yet to come in the Royale Pass of Season 11.

Introducing PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 11
Introducing PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 11

Get Detailed Preview of PUBG Mobile Season 11 Update Here.

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