PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event

PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka 2019 – Happy Diwali to All

Wishing Happy Diwali to you all from PUBG Mobile Update Team and the new PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event itself wishing you a Happy Diwali from PUBG Mobile too. This event has started on 18th October and will End on 5th November 2019.

If you want to know what is this Event? How you can Participate? How to win the prize in the Diwali Dhamaka Event in PUBG Mobile? Then stay tuned and keep reading.

Basically this PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event is only for Indian Player if you are an Indian Residential then only you are eligible for the Top Real Prizes.

Or else if you want to just participate then you can change your Country region from Basic Settings and enjoy the Diwali Dhamaka Event in PUBG Mobile. (Warning: Please note that if you change your country region then you will have to wait for some days to change back your country region.)

What Prizes are in PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka?

The Rewards/Prizes in this Diwali Dhamaka Event are divided into two different categories.

Diwali Dhamaka Physical Rewards:

  • TVS Apache RTR 160
  • Oppo Phone
  • Boat HeadPhone
  • Level 3 Backpack

Diwali Dhamaka in Game Rewards:

  • Nightmare Set (Permeant)
  • Classic Crate Voucher 250UC
  • M146 Skeleton Hand
  • AWM Lightning
  • Lobster Set costume

As you have seen both category Rewards but there are more rewards in both categories divided but here in the above table, only important Rewards are mentioned.

PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event Part 2
PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event Part 2

To earn those in-game Rewards and Physical Rewards you need to fulfill some criteria as I will share in the next point.

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How to Participate in PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event?

As I mentioned before the only one big rule to participate in PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event is you must be an Indian Residential. Rest if you play this game and win the Physical Rewards then you will have to show your Residential Proof to redeem it.

Follow the steps given below to Participate in this Event:

  • This PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event is Divided into 3 steps (Collect Sparklers, Burst Crackers, Redeem Rewards)
  • In the first part of this Event that is in Collect Sparklers’ step you need to collect some Sparklers. You can collect them by completing the missions given for it. Every day you will get 1 Sparkler for login.
  • Then in Burst Crackers Part of the event, you have to choose one Cracker for one Sparkler. And need to collect some tokens (Diyas in Silver or Gold, and Diamonds) as shown in the image below. (These tokens are divided into 3 Levels check the image for detail info.)
  • Then you can use your Tokens Redeem Rewards Part of Event, where you can convert your Tokens into Rewards.
  • This is not the end yet, once you collect all rewards from all 3 Levels; you become eligible for the lucky draw of Physical Rewards. And also you can collect the in-game rewards.

Rules for this Diwali Dhamaka Event:

This is the main part of this PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event. Because Rules define the Game and you must know the rules before playing any game.

Check and read every rule carefully if you face any problem during this event please let us know in the comment box.

  • Participant must be an Indian Residential.
  • You need to complete 1st level of Token to enter in 2nd level of Token Collection Event.
  • After Completing the 3rd level of Tokens you become eligible for In-game Rewards and also become a part of Physical Rewards Lucky Draw.
  • You have to complete missions to collect more Sparklers.
  • The event will End on the 5th of November 2019.
PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event Rules
PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event Rules

Terms from PUBG Mobile about Diwali Dhamaka Event:

These terms are some clarification from PUBG Mobile Side about this event and if you have any complaints then contact PUBG Mobile on their official website.

  • This Event has no connection with the owners of Physical Rewards, for example, TVs, or Oppo Phone, and Boat. PUBG Mobile reserves all the rights.
  • The winners will be decided by a Lucky Draw.
  • The winner will be contacted by in-game mail for further procedures. And if the winner fails to reply to the necessary info to PUBG Mobile then it may lead to disqualification.
  • Fill out the correct address and contact info or you will not get your prize.
PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event Terms
PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event Terms

This is it rest of Terms are given in the game itself please do visit PUBG Mobile and play The PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event. Once again Happy Diwali to all of you… Thanks for being part of PUBG Mobile and thanks for being part of our blog.

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