PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Look – 100% Free till 25 Oct

PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Look for Free! Wow! You might have seen the Board Game in PUBG Mobile, where you have a chance to win the Daryl’s Bike Permanent Skin.

And now PUBG Mobile is offering your Daryl’s Look for your Character and the best part is both of them are for 100% Free.

Thanks to COD Mobile for giving PUBG Mobile a tough Competition. These Free Giveaway by PUBG Mobile is a Part of competing with COD Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Walking Dead Crossover
PUBG Mobile Walking Dead Crossover

This Give-Away has another reason behind it that is PUBG Mobile and Walking Dead Crossover. The Walking Dead Character and his famous Bike skin have been included and now in the next update, we are going to see the new zombie’s mode.

Just wat for 16th October 2019 for the PUBG Mobile 15.0 Update.

PUBG Mobile New 15.0 Update
PUBG Mobile New 15.0 Update

This PUBG Mobile X Walking dead will last long till next season and you will get everything for free.

Tip: To get Daryl’s Bike Please Visit the Board Game and try your Luck

PUBG Mobile X Walking Dead
PUBG Mobile X Walking Dead

What is PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Look Event?

The PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Look is a Daryl’s Journey in PUBG Mobile. This event is held from 9th Oct to 25th Oct 2019.

During the event period, complete the given mission in classic mode daily to collect rewards. The crates in this event also come with a chance to get permanent Daryl’s Look.

So till 25th Oct play daily and earn all Crates and try out your luck. If you open these crates using VPN then it will be easy to get the skin.

I will suggest you to try to open these crates at night time when nobody is trying to open it. The more you will have competition the lesser you will get a chance to win Daryl’s Look.

How to Get Daryl’s Look?

  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • Go to Events in Themed Section
  • Check out Daryl’s Journey new event.
  • Read all Mission and get Ready to complete them all.
  • Collect and store all of the Crates if not Time Limited.
  • Try to Open All Crates at once that will increase your chance to get PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Look.

Bonus Tip:

While you are completing the Daryl’s Journey Missions. Just have a look into Board Game event, and try to complete both missions together. This will increase your chance to win PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Look and Daryl’s Bike skin together.

PUBG Mobile Board Game
PUBG Mobile Board Game

Tips to Play Board Game:

  • You will see a bike, Auto, and Jeep below the board game with Advance written below them.
  • This is like if you choose Bike then you will have the chance to have 1 or 2 on dice.
  • Similarly, if you choose Auto then you will have the chance to have 3 or 4 on dice.
  • And so for Jeep to have 5 or 6 on dice.
  • Play using all of them and try to collect more points from the board game.
  • But also take care of not getting on the -1 Signe. This will reduce your score.
  • Collect 120 points and you will get PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Bike Skin.


In this article I have shared some tips regarding the PUBG Mobile X Walking dead, Board Game, and How you can get the PUBG Mobile Daryl’s Look and Bike Skin for Free.

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