PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update Reality – Winter Game and RageGear!

The PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update is Released on time as forecasted on 11 December 2019 but sorry for the Erangel 2.0. You just have to wait a little bit more. Here you can update this latest version from 11th to 17th of December and get the rewards as given below.

Update Size:Update Rewards:Extra Rewards: Download Resource Pack
1.57 GB for AndroidWinter Dress (3 Days)Premium Crate – 1
1.97 GB for iOS2888 Bonus PointsSilver Fragments – 30
673 MB for already having the game.50 Silver FragmentsBonus Points – 2000

What’s New in PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update:

  • New EvoGround Mode – RageGear also in the room
  • Classic Mode – Snow Paradise.
  • TPP to FPP
  • Healing while Moving:
  • Healing Continuously.
  • Backpack Ornaments:
  • Friendly fire and Spectator Restriction:
  • Slide Setting
  • Auto Buffering Feature
  • BRDM 2 Improvements
  • Winter Events in PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update

New EvoGround Mode – RageGear:

The RageGear Mode is Live now in PUBG Mobile EvoGround Playing Mode. You can Play this Rage Gear with 2 different modes:

RageGear Mode in PUBG Mobile
RageGear Mode in PUBG Mobile
  • Blast enemy vehicle and earn 1 Point.
  • Collect Crates and Win the match.

The RageGear Mode is also available for custom Rooms. We will discuss this mode later in detail new article. Let go for another PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update now.

Classic Snow Paradise:

There is no Erangel 2.0 the Old Erangel is modified for the winter season and added some Snow Places at hill points.

Winter Festival
Winter Festival

You can Play and loot the crates in Snow map and also use the Chain Car to travel to the hill station. The main entertaining point in this paradise mode is the slide. Sliding can be enabled and disabled in settings.

TPP to FPP and Healing While Moving:

The TPP to FPP Switching is available in all modes of PUBG Mobile. You can now switch your camera in FPP from TPP only and enjoy the Snow Paradise mode in FPP from PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update.

Healing while Moving is also added now you can heal your character while moving, but the speed will be reduced for that time of healing.

If you get hit during this healing process, then the damage will be done but the healing process will not stop. This will help players to move forward from the blue zone to the safe zone and be safe for the next round of the match.

Backpack Ornaments added:

The Ornament is like Keychain we use in real life. This thing will make your backpack look more interesting. You can use the same ornaments for any level of the backpack.

The ornament will be automatically removed from the old backpack once you change the backpack. There is one event going on in PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update with the name of Angry birds.

Angry Bird Ornaments
Angry Bird Ornaments

Here you can play and win the RED angry bird ornament for free. I love RED and I will share how you can earn this Ornament in my next article.

Upcoming Winter Festival Events
Upcoming Winter Festival Events

Friendly Fire and Spectator Mode:

There are some changes in Friendly Fire and Spectator mode from PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update as follow:

  • If your friend kills, you then you can block him from looting your crate.
  • You can also report this action if you don’t like the friendly fire.
  • The Tier level will matter now while spectating the friend list. This is to stop cheating, and now you can only spectate those who have same tier as you and vice versa.

Auto Buffering Feature added:

Auto buffering like YouTube; Just kidding but it’s true. From PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update Your game will auto buffer in advance while you are playing. This is for those of my friends who play the PUBG Mobile on Slow internet and face lag in the game.

From now onwards PUBG Mobile says the players will no more face lag issue in high ping as the game is going to be auto buffer in advance.

BRDM 2 Improvement:

Here is a small improvement with BRDM 2 Vehicle; In case you called for a flare drop and you get in the BRDM 2 Vehicle. But accidentally or intentionally your enemy also gets in the vehicle then there may be a problem with your team.

This new Improvement from PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update will let you the following things:

  • The enemy will not able to get in the BRDM 2 if your teammate is already in.
  • You can’t give a lift to the enemy team members in PUBG Mobile from now.

How to Update PUBG Mobile 16.0 on PC?

It is not as easy as mobile to download and update the PUBG Mobile Update on PC; especially from the PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update. But I have a step by step guide for you so that you can update your Game easily.

Update PUBG Mobile with Wi-Fi:

  • To Update your game please make sure you are connected with fast and Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Sometimes when we start Downloading PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update the version gets a pause and start again from 1%. “for more help Read the tip given below”
  • It is easy to Update the game in Mobile just visit the Play Store and Update your Game.
  • To update your game on PC you need to follow the following steps:
    • Open the Emulator (Gameloop Recommended)
    • Update the Version of Gameloop Emulator
    • Once done, now restart the Emulator to see the game update.
    • If you don’t see the PUBG Mobile Update Button, try to update the emulator again.
    • Now this time you need to restart your PC/Laptop.
    • Now check if you see the Update Button and click on the PUBG Mobile Update Button to download PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update on PC.
    • Let the emulator finish this update and then you will see the Play Button.

Tip: If your update goes wrong several times and you feel just wasting your internet data; then, do this: One you reach the update to 50% pause the update and then click continue. The installation will go in a proper way now.

Update PUBG Mobile Offline:

Above Steps let you update your PUBG Mobile Update download it online. But what if you don’t have that much internet? Or you want to save your data for other things. Then I have a solution for Both Mobile and PC. For Detail help, You can Read How to Copy PUBG Mobile

Here you can follow some steps and Download your PUBG Mobile 16.0 Update on Mobile and PC with No internet charges/ offline.

copy pubg mobile from phone to pc

  • To do so make sure you have two applications in your Phone and Emulator. These are as follows.
    • File Explorer (like ES File Explorer) to have phone root access.
    • Sharing App (like Shareit) to share the file with other devices.

Tip: Before you move ahead to make sure you backup your game file if anything goes wrong you will have the file in your backup system.

  • To successfully complete this offline pubg mobile update you need to have any friends that already have updated the game.
  • Now use File Explorer to access the folder with the name com.tencent.ig and get the obb file and share it with your phone.
  • Now open your file explorer and replace this obb file with your same file-folder com.tencent.ig location.
  • This similarly works for PC/Laptop also. You need to copy the file in your com.tencent.ig game folder.
  • Once you copy restart your Mobile/emulator and try to open the game.
  • Congrats! You have successfully done the PUBG Mobile Update in Offline Mode.

Note: This trick might not work as I explain due to various reason like:

  • Antivirus protection restrict external file interface
  • File Explorer does not support your device.
  • Root access is not given to the File Explorer.

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