PUBG Update - PUBG Lite Season 2 Update

PUBG Update – PUBG Lite Season 2 Update Released

PUBG Lite that is PUBG PC Lite Released a new Update on 10 Oct 2019, with PUBG Lite Season 2 Update. From now you can play for the PUBG Lite Season 2 Rewards.

There are many other updates included. Some of them are PUBG Lite is offering 2X L coins on Purchasing. In other words, a 50% off type offer. If you purchase 40 L coins, then you will get 40 Coins free.

PUBG Lite 2X L Coins Offer
PUBG Lite 2X L Coins Offer

What’s New in PUBG Lite Season 2 Update?

  • Chicken Medal
  • Silver Bullet
  • New Missions UMP45 and BODIE
  • Season End Rewards
  • New Store
  • TDM Career.

As you can see points mentioned above, these all updates are included in the new Patch note of PUBG lite along with the Season 2 Update.

Special Attraction in all of them is Silver Bullet and new Store which required Silver Bullets as a Currency to Purchase Items.

Let’s Check each update in Short and Play the PUBG Lite Season 2 Update from 10th Oct 2019.

Chicken Medal:

The Chicken Medal is a special kind of currency that can be used to get Paid Crates. You can buy those crates either by using your L Coins or using 4 Chicken Medal.

PUBG Lite Season 2 Update

This Exchange rate of 4 Chicken Medal can vary according to the price of that crate in L Coins.

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How to Get Chicken Medal?

You can earn Chicken Medal by Completing Daily Missions, Lite Pass Missions, from Daily Login, joining Weekly Events, and or from the crates, you purchased using BP.

Silver Bullets:

The Silver Coins in PUBG Lite are now replaced with Silver Bullets, these are similar to Silver coins in PUBG Mobile.

You can use these Silver Bullets as a currency to purchase items from the new Store which is designed especially for Silver Bullets.

PUBG Lite Season 2 Update

You can Buy stuff like Costume, Goggles, and Skins for your PUBG Lite Character. There are lots of offers that you can check in the new store, named as the winter Store.

How to Get Silver Bullets?

As the Silver Bullet is a new Currency in PUBG Lite Season 2 Update there a provision by which you can get Silver Bullets.

The Best way is to Dismantle your unused items and get Silver Bullets which are available from 10 to 500 for Exchange.

New Mission UMP45 and BODIE:

With PUBG lite Season 2 Update we all brand new Missions and Challenges. Here you can play and Unlock the UMP45 Skin by playing Challenge Missions.

The 4v4 TDM mode includes a new challenge with the BODIE map. You must try it.

New Store – Winter Store:

As I mentioned above in the Silver Bullet Section. You can now get Silver Coins by Dismantling your Unused Items and Use them to Purchase some exciting Stuff in Winter Store.

PUBG Lite New Store Silver Bullet
PUBG Lite New Store Silver Bullet

In this Store, you can buy the following items in exchange for Silver coins just check out the image below.

Career option in TDM:

The 4V4 Battle in PUBG Lite which is also known as TDM will have a measurement that is Career result.

This Result will be calculated in Percentage, with Accuracy, Kills, and Record you made.

Season End Rewards:

Just like PUBG Mobile now from PUBG Lite Season 2 Update players will get Rewards on the Season end.

These Rewards will be distributed on the basis of your standing positing in Career Results of Battle Royale.

PUBG Lite Season End Reward
PUBG Lite Season End Reward

You will also have rewarded with some Bonus Points at the end of Season which is a minimum of 1K BP to 10K BP. Don’t forget to collect them in the next Season Update.

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