PUBG banned in CHINA, Now What about in INDIA?

Why PUBG Banned in CHINA?

Two major video game players may have to lose their share in the Chinese market, as reports suggest that both the games Fortnight and Player’s unknown battleground PUBG have been completely banned in China.

Both games were large fixtures of online multiplayer communities in China, but they can not be allowed to play in China because they have not been designated as a necessity of “corrective action”, but it appears that they were banned outright. They are totally gone from china.

At the beginning of this month, the Chinese government has advanced with its new online Ethics Review Committee, a government body that is fully available to review the online game and to determine that they violate Chinese social and ethical rules or not. The new committee was created after increasing concern in the country, how many young Chinese citizens were playing online games that were not directly regulated by China, and reviewed twenty online games in its first-round review.

Let’s, pay attention to the games that have been pulled out from the market or are due to sales and prohibition:

  • PUBG (Bluehole) – Blood and Gore “Going to launch time limitation
  • Fortnite (Epic) – Blood and Gore, Rude Content
  • Alliance of Valiant Arms (Red Duck) – Blood and Gore, Rude Content
  • Ring of Elysium (Tencent) – Blood and Gore, Rude Content
  • Paladins (Hi-Rez) – revealing excessive female characters, blood and gore, obscene material
  • Free Fire Battlegrounds (Garena) – Excessive female characters, blood and gore, revealing obscene content
  • Knives Out (NetEase) – Disclosure of female characters, blood and gore, rude material
  • Quantum Matrix (NetEase) – Blood and Gore, Rude Content, Religious Chat.

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Then The China Govt Did This:

According to online reports, those reviews have found both the Fortnite and PUBG in direct violation of the new online ethical rules, and both have been banned in the country.

According to the report, both of these titles were banned for their blood and Gore, despite the fact that FortNite did not explicitly include any kind of VISCO effect in their gameplay. Other titles, such as the League of Legend, Overwatch, and Diablo, were noted as the need for “corrective action”, but have not actually been banned yet.

China maintains strict law around the performance of some topics in the video game, which includes ‘the general disclosure of female characters’, ‘the prizes given on the basis of rank’ and ‘the most common crime around the religious chat room’. World of Warcraft is already running a different client for the Chinese area because it stands.

The following are the effects which can be such restrictions. Removing Esport titles from China will surely reduce the state of the Esports industry within the country, potentially affecting the international state of the title. China is definitely one of the pressures for the rest of the world, some developers often make game versions for the Chinese market.

We will stay with the situation because it can definitely change how some of the world’s largest esported titles offer their titles.

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