Precision Weapons COD Mobile Sniper Rifles – Best one for Killing

Types of COD Mobile Sniper Rifles:

If you have checked your Multiplayer Loadout then you might have seen one Rifle multiple times with multiple skins. But there are only 3 COD Mobile Sniper Rifles, and I think only 1 is the best to use in any game.

I will share my COD Mobile Sniper Loadout there you can see the sniper attachments that can increase the power of that sniper. Let’s start with the name of those 4 sniper rifles and then compare them with each other.

  • Artic.50 – My favorite
  • DL Q33 – only for perfect aimers.
  • M21 EBR – For Noobs with more ammo reload.
  • XPR-50 – Useless for me.

So basically I have shared those 3 sniper names with a tagline next to them. This tagline is defining the sniper in my words, how I see it? but you can try them all and decide later.

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Now let’s see the COD Mobile Sniper Rifles loadout that I use in CODM Multiplayer Mode.

Best Attachments for COD Mobile Precision Weapons (Sniper Rifles)
Best Attachments for COD Mobile Precision Weapons (Sniper Rifles)

As shown in the image above, I use Artic.50 with Bats Camo because I like this color and the Sniper Performance. If you check the information about Artic.50 that is also given in the table below.

Why I use Artic.50 Sniper the Most?

Here are some reasons that specify my choice and hope you may also this CODM Sniper Rifle.

Artic.50 Performance Specifications:

Fire Rate30

Attachments to be used with any among all COD Mobile Sniper Rifles are given below: you can follow them.

  • FMJ-SR -> this will help you to increase the damage level by 10.
  • Extended Mag – SR -> To have more Ammo while you are in battle.
  • Stock -SR -> To increase the Aiming Power that is Mobility while Aiming.

Do not use Suppressor as it will reduce the sniper Damage, but there is one benefit your enemy cant guess your Position.

Artic.50 Vs XPR-50 Sniper Rifle:

You can refer to the image or table any of the given below to compare these 2 Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile.

Artic.50 vs XPR-50 Sniper Rifle

Fire Rate4030
Artic.50 Sniper vs XPR-50
Artic.50 Sniper vs XPR-50

Artic.50 Vs M21 EBR Sniper Rifle:

Please check the difference between Artic.50 and M21 EBR Sniper in COD Mobile. Here the reason I am comparing every sniper with artic.50 is I can kill up to 43 enemies in MP Mode in Killhouse Map with it.

Artic.50 vs M21 EBR Sniper Rifle

M21 EBRArtic.50
Fire Rate3530
Artic.50 Sniper vs M21 EBR Sniper
Artic.50 Sniper vs M21 EBR Sniper

Artic.50 Vs DL Q33 Sniper Rifle:

And now the last but not lease COD Mobile Sniper Rifle Comparision, DL Q33 Sniper is best but as my handling power to the Sniper, Recoil is not that good. The DL Q33 has huge power and Recoil that’s why I prefer Artic.50 over this Rifle.

Artic.50 vs DL Q33 Sniper Rifle

DL Q33Artic.50
Fire Rate1530
Artic.50 Sniper vs DL Q33 Sniper
Artic.50 Sniper vs DL Q33 Sniper