PMCO Points for Rewards – Free Outfit & Skins [26 to 30 July]

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PMCO Points for Rewards Event

The PMCO Points for Rewards is a time-limited PUBG Mobile Event which will be live on 26th July 2019. You just need to open the game and go to Event then go to Time-Limited Event and search for PMCO Points for Rewards Event. Then watch the Final event live and earn Points.

Then redeem those points to get Free Skins and outfits or play Lucky draw with 10 points/Play rate. The more you watch the live stream the more you will earn points.

What can you do with Points in PMCO Points for Rewards event?

In PMCO Points for Rewards Event you earn the points by watching the live event and then you can spend them on:

  • In Point Shop to buy Outfit and Skins and Parachute trail
  • In Lucky Draw for 10 points/Play rate.
  • Betting the winner of each match
PMCO Points for Rewards Point Shop 1
Point Shop 1

What is the Point Shop?

Point shop is a place like our UC and BP shop where you can redeem your points for exciting outfits and Parachute and Plane Skin. You can also buy a Parachute Trail for the time when you land from the plane.

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You can see the image below that which items are available to shop in the Point shop for PMCO Points for Rewards Event. If you are not able to collect enough points, then you can take a chance in Lucky Draw to get those shop items if you are lucky enough.

PMCO Points for Rewards Point Shop 2
Point Shop 2

What is Lucky Draw in PMCO Points for Rewards Event?

This lucky draw is similar to other PUBG Mobile Lucky Draw, but you cannot use any VPN trick here. Hope you earn enough points so that you will not need to try your luck and you can buy those items directly from the Points shop.

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I am not sure as those costume and skins are permanent or not. I hope PUBG Mobile will give it for all and for free for a lifetime. But there are few chances that PUBG Mobile will put some time duration limit for each skin and all items.

PMCO Points for Rewards Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw

What is a Betting Event?

This is the most powerful part of this PMCO Points for Rewards Event. Here you bet for each match and the final championship, that which player is going to win. If you bet on true Crew/squad then you will get the betting amount in return.

But don’t get so excited there is a limit, as per the PMCO rules there is one rule. If many players bet on the same team and that team wins then the prize will be divided into betting players with some percent profit.

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For example: If you bet 5% of the total betting amount on a team and that team wins then the All Betting winners will get those percent of the amount in return.

That is if you bet and the winning amount is 10000 Points then according to your contribution of 5% you will get in return 10000×5%= 500 Point in Reward.

PMCO Points for Rewards Betting Players
Rules for Betting Players

This trick is risky but better than Lucky Draw, at least you have your luck on your mind.

How to Participate in PMCO Points for Rewards Event?

Follow the steps given below:

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  • Open your Game
  • Go to Event Section and then Time-Limited Events
  • Look for PMCO Points for Rewards Event
  • Click on the image and go for live stream.
  • The Longer you watch this stream (Only Live Stream) you will get more points.
  • Just keep stream and put your mobile on charging and come back later.
  • Then redeem your points in any Point given above. Shop, Lucky Draw or Bet.
PMCO Points for Rewards Event Rules
Event Rules

Rules for this Event:

  1. Watch Live Match Only
  2. Points will be given according to how long you watched the live match
  3. You can use these points during this event only
  4. These Points are not useful outside of this event.
  5. Use these Points in Shop, Lucky Draw or betting the winner of PMCO.

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  1. Wait for the event time is the end that is for 31 july. PUBG Mobile might be facing some technical issue as the event is not showing in the time-limited event section

  2. I got reward of total 550 but now in my game not showing the points and sight of view and win

  3. I forgot to change the lucky point and this is closed and my account is still nearly 700 points, how to change them when the event is closed ?

  4. This event last date is 30 July but now it’s disappear from events and i can’t claim any rewards. So Can u tell me where can i claim these rewards?

  5. how can I redeem my rewards after the final match ? I bet on the team from my points and want to redeem my points for some rewards .

  6. pmco event removed before i can redeem. and stream just ended 2hours ago. i didn’t even receive points for guessing winning team..this event is crap

  7. Yes, Just follow these rules:
    Your watch timer will reset every day
    you need to watch the live stream only
    if you watch the stream after it ends no rewards will be given to you
    you can check those rewards time start counting once you start watching the live stream.

  8. This event last date is 30 July as you can see in the title.
    But I am not sure about those rewards are permanent or Time Limited

  9. The Streaming rules were about 120 Minit watch and get 150 Points.
    The Daily Limit maybe for only 260 Points. But don’t worry you can use these points in Lucky Draw and Betting on Players.

  10. I have been on page since morning and got reward of 120 min. but now rewards are not updating. do we get reward for one time only per day? or it will reset once live stream start.

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