How to Become a PUBG Pro Player in Short Time – PUBG Mobile Guide – PUBG Mobile Playing Tips and Tricks

become a pubg pro

PUBG Mobile Guide – Play Like A Pro: Nowadays Pubg is one of the famous and popular game in the world. Pubg full form is Player Unknown Battleground. Pubg is a survival game. No matter how much you kill people. You to come at #1 rank to get the “winner-winner chicken dinner” Remember This Song; This … Read more

PUBG banned in CHINA, Now What about in INDIA?

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Why PUBG Banned in CHINA? Two major video game players may have to lose their share in the Chinese market, as reports suggest that both the games Fortnight and Player’s unknown battleground PUBG have been completely banned in China. Both games were large fixtures of online multiplayer communities in China, but they can not be allowed … Read more

What is in PUBG mobile update 10.0.5 Updated 19 Jan 2019

PUBG Mobile Update 10.0.5

PUBG mobile update 10.0.5-Updated 19 Jan 2019: As of now, we all know the season 4 has been ended on 18 Jan 2019 and the very new Season 5 is on. We all have enjoyed Season 4 and we all have experienced different surprises, Experiences with very good memories in Season 4. The most fav. … Read more

PUBG Mobile Update New Year special Monster that you cant kill in India can kill only in China

PUBG Mobile Update a Monster in 2019

PUBG Mobile Update 2019: As of now, we all know about PUBG is one of the most popular Game of the Year 2018 and is constantly gaining new users, because of its frequently upcoming new updates (PUBG Mobile Update) which bound us to play more and enjoy. Same for this year 2019, Monster has been … Read more

PUBG Mobile Update is going to add Zombies, Rickshaw Vehicle and MK47 Mutant Updated AR

PUBG Mobile Update Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile (new) Update: Zombies vs Human Fight Yes, you are going to play against the zombies soon, it is said that a team of players will be on an Island to save Humans against Zombies attack. In this, the total number of players will be 100 as usual but the members other than players like … Read more

What is PUBG Mobile Game and Why Everybody is mad about this game?

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What is PUBG or PUBG Mobile Game? As of now, We all Know that Internet Price has gone so much down that everybody can easily afford it any time anywhere. The effect of this Gaming Community has also expanded their PC Versions to Mobile and change the definition of Entertainment. PUBG Mobile is and Multiplayer … Read more