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October Recall Event – Permanent Skin for Parachute, Costume, and Pan

Like every time when PUBG Mobile feels their audience is losing interest, they start adding new events. This month October Recall Event in PUBG Mobile is a similar one that we saw in June Month.

But in the last Recall Event, PUBG Mobile didn’t give that many interesting items. And look now you can Get Permanent Skin for Parachute, a costume, and Fryingpan skin for Free.

What items are in the October Recall Event?

This October Recall Event name is just given for distinguishing between the last June Month Recall Event and now the live event.  The event has been started on 17 Oct 2019 and will end on 10 Nov 2019.

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October Recall Event Goal Rewards
October Recall Event Goal Rewards
  • Parachute Permanent Skin
  • Costume Permanent
  • Frying Pan Permanent Skin
  • Wooden nose
  • Premium and Classic Crate Coupons
  • Premium and Classic Crate Coupon Scraps
  • Silver Coins
  • Experience and BP coin Booster Cards

How to Join This October Recall Event in PUBG Mobile?

Before I tell you how to participate in this October Recall Event let be clear that this event is for your friends and if they come back from your reference then you will get the Rewards.

Recall and Earn Recall Tokens
Recall and Earn Recall Tokens
  • Go to Event Section
  • You will see a new Event tab called Recall
  • Click on it then you will see the Detail Recall Event.
  • Now Invite your friends by clicking on the invite option and share it on Social Media.
  • When your friend will come by your Referral you will get some rewards, called Recall Tokens.
  • Then you can Redeem these Recall Tokens to buy the Skins and Costume.
  • You will also get some Global Assembly Rewards, don’t forget to grab them.
  • Global Assembly Rewards are total Player Recall by Active PUBG Player like us.

This was it about PUBG Mobile October Month Recall Event but this event is not so easy as it looks like. This Event is made more difficult than previous Recall Event, and hence these attractive Rewards have been given.

Rules for Recall Event:

  • The player you are inviting is must have 10 levels and Offline for more than 14 days.
  • As I mentioned about Global Assembly Rewards, they are Goal Rewards and we will get those rewards once the goal is completed by Assembling those Offline players.
  • You will see very few I think only 5 missions are there in Assemble Section of this Recall Event but don’t worry you can Complete each mission 15 times and earn those Recall Tokens to Buy the Items from Redemption Store.
  • But here is one limit, each recalled Player can help you only once to complete each mission. This means you need to invite 15 people.
  • Please Check the Limit of Items in Store you cannot redeem more than that limit.
  • And if anyhow you are not able to spend your Recall Tokens and the event ends then your Recall Tokens will be automatically converted into Bonus Points and will be sent you via the mailbox.
PUBG Mobile October Recall Event Rules
PUBG Mobile October Recall Event Rules

This is it for this October Recall Event, if you like what we share please do share with us by commenting below. You can subscribe us to get regular updates.

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