Nepal Supreme Court Lifted Ban on PUBG Mobile [As per TOI news]

Nepal Supreme Court Lifted Ban on PUBG:

As per the news sources, Nepal supreme Court Lifted Ban on PUBG mobile. This made some relief to PUBG mobile players in Nepal and created hope in indian players. This was not to long that India had banned PUBG mobile game in last month. Stating that PUBG is not good for players health and professional life. But Now the Nepal Supreme Court Lifted Ban on PUBG Mobile.

According to the report by some news agencies several lawers had petitioned against this ban this month in the supreme court. Lawyers argued that ban was questionable. As we all know PUBG mobile should not get banned but as of some parents and people judgments, and News statements PUBG mobile had caught in controversy.

But After listning to all augments, the court observed that PUBG mobile was basically a game used by the general public for their entertainment purpose mention in the report.  And by analysing the facts and arguments The honourable court also observed that the ban was not reasonable.

Since press and Freedom of Expression are guaranteed by the constitution, that it is necessary to prove that PUBG ban is fair and reasonable as per the court stated in last hearing. so Honorable Court Lifted Ban on PUBG

Nepal Court Lifted Ban on PUBG Mobile

Ban Criticised PUBG Mobile in News and Public:

The last court in Kathmandu District had imposed a ban on PUBG mobile and all internet and mobile telecom service probiders were instructed to follow this rule and enforce this ban by Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

This ban also given some more publicity to PUBG for much long time. But such report in the news quite creates adverse effects on the victim (PUBG) as it was shown it is causing health problems. Playing PUBG For Long time can Harm your Health. There are many, specially some anxious parents, who want the Indian Govt. to ban this game forever in India.

This ban Received several alligiation and PUBG became one of the critised point for public. Specially in Some states of India like J&K Gujrat and Maharashtra. As per the news: The Rajkot (Gujrat) Police had even arrested some students for playing PUBG mobile in public places.

And Court Lifted Ban on PUBG Mobile Finally:

After Rajkot arrests, the game developers had said, “We are working to understand the legal basis of such bans, and hope we can have a constructive dialogue with relevant authorities to explain our objectives and that they withdraw the prohibition. To PUBG MOBILE players, we want to assure you that we are on your side and we will try our best to find a reasonable solution.” Times of India

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