Latest PUBG Mobile Update News 0.12

Latest PUBG Mobile Update News Includes – CrossHair, Darkest Night, Spectate Mode, With Lots of Glitch as Usual

Latest PUBG Mobile News Regarding Update:

As we all Know about the New PUBG Mobile Update V 0.12 has been released by Tencent on 17 April 2019. The Update is Really Very Impressive as expected by All of us “with the shitti Glitch” and Hopefully, you might get disappointed with what is happening during gameplay.

A Fan Made MEME
A Fan Made MEME (Tencent New Update)

Before we Get Started with the Glitch and all Stuff Lets Talk about some Positive Points in this Update “You Can Read More Here About the Shitti Glitch in PUBG Mobile Update V 0.12 Here

The PUBG Mobile Update Have Covered Following Good Points:

  • The Update Size will be around 150 MB for Mobile and PC if you directly Update the Current App.
  • IF you want to Download it from Play Store. Then it will not Show any Fix Update Size but Will Take Around 150 MB to 400 MB Data to Update which is not More.
  • The Night has become more Darker
  • Zombies can Jump and Blast Themselves
  • You can Spectate Your Friends, Clan Mates.
  • The Scope Crosshair is Modified.
  • Two New Weapons have been Included.

The Darkest Night:

You can Play This Mode in PUBG Mobile Latest Update by your Choice with Solo, or Squad. But the Best Fact is you can not Go outside and Fight with Zombies as the Night Air is very Toxic and It will damage you.

pubg mobile new update 0.12

Smart Zombies:

Smart Zombies in Case, Now you can Not hide from any Zombie that you were using this trick of getting over the Rock or Wall or high Building and easily Kill All Zombies. But Now the Zombie is much smarter that They Can Jump Over the Wall and also if the Zombie is going to die then He will Burst Himself like a Human Bomb.

Self Exploding Zombie
Self Exploding Zombie

Spectate Your Friends:

Yes! You Can Now Spectate Your friends, crews and clan members. To do So you need to Go in Privacy Settings and Set your Privacy Accordingly that your Friends can Spectate you. Or you just want to play lonely without anybody spectating your game.

The CrossHair in Scope:

This New PUBG Mobile Update Bring the Interesting Thing that we can use is RED Dot, Holographic, 3 X Scope, and Maybe other also. We can Choose one CrossHair Option To Play with during the Match. This Update has been tried in PUBG PC and Also Got Great Response Hope They Will Get the Same Response here.

PUBG Mobile Scope CrossHair
PUBG Mobile Scope CrossHair

New Weapons:

New Weapons are Good in This New Pubg Mobile Update but not much Interesting. The Machine Gun M314 is Updated and the Rocket Launcher or RPG-7 is Some How New Attraction that you can enjoy. But You can not Use that Rocket Launcher on Players. The RPG-7 is only Designed to Kill Zombies, not Humans (Players).

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