Latest PS4 Game: Days Gone – Released Date | How to Install | Gameplay | Story Line


Days Gone – Released Date

Hello Friends, As you Can See the Title of this article starts with the Latest PS4 Game: Days Gone. This means that Days Gone is launched only for Play Station. Yes, You can Play Days Gone only on Play Station, for now, it may happen that after a good Success Game Designer: Eric Jensen, And Game Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Decide to Launch this game to PC too.

Days Gone was Decided to Launch first on 22nd of Feb 2019 but the Game committee Decided to make some more advanced changes. So, for this reason, Days Gone Released date changed and the Game is available now from 26th April 2019.

Days Gone Official Trailer video:

About Game: Days Gone:

Initial Release Date: 26th April 2019

Engine: Unreal Engine

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Designer: Eric Jensen

Platform Support: Play Station 4

Game Genre: Action, Adventure, Survival Horror

Days Gone Story Line and Gameplay:

Days Gone is basically based on a natural disaster or man-made disasters like nuclear blast or similar. By which in Reaction a huge number of Humans and animals get converted into “freakers” (Zombies). Here in this game, they called zombies as Freakers. These Freakers are Infected Human and Some Animals like Wolfs and Dogs, they are similar to Zombies aggressive at humans.

Days Gone Game Play Video Trailer:

There are two main Characters in this game to play and a total of 8 Characters. You may Probably play with the main hero as “Deacon”. Here Deacon (St. John) and his friend William Gray were bounty hunters and Deacon is having a GF/Wife Sarah (Sarah St John).

Sarah Got badly injured by Freakers or during the fight with Freakers and Deacon let her go with the Rescue Team and he stay up there in the jungle with his friend William Gray for their Mission.

Days Gone Characters
Days Gone Characters

Talking about the Gameplay of Days Gone then You have a Map and a Friend. You need to follow some Mission here and this game is really amazing with day-night Mission. The Freakers (Zombies) are everywhere in the storyline. Aggressively Attacking you and other human beings for their own survival. You need to kill them.

Freakers are not more active and weak in Day time but in Night time they have their highest attacking power you need to complete your day night mission and follow the story.

Best Facts: about Days Gone

  • Good Storyline
  • Incredible Graphics
  • The map is Interesting and so the props.
  • You have to find Weapons, Meds, Spares, and Other Kinds of Stuff.
  • Travelling is Real no Check Point to direct Transport.
  • Day Night Mode (it feels Real)
  • Horror Game

Download and Installation Problem Solved:

“Upon attempting to leave Copeland’s Camp, players have been greeted by a message “Download incomplete. Go explore Copeland’s Camp” and are unable to leave the area, even after completing all there is to do inside the region.”

Don’t worry Solution is simple.

Players should double check that the Game is fully installed before you play. Some Games allow you to play during the installation but it often leads to incomplete installation process because of in between gameplay.

Just do one thing, Quit the Gameplay and Check if you have completed the Download and Install Process. For those who have purchased a CD just make sure the CD is inserted until the Progress is complete. To confirm this make sure the CD Driver whirring sound is stopped which normally indicates the installation process has completed.

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