John Wick is Coming in Fortnite! Just Hold on and Watch it.

John Wick in Fortnite!

As the Fortnite last season gone. This new season 9 leaks so many hints about new maps and skins. One of them is John Wick is Coming in Fortnite. This is not confirmed but somehow Fortnite has leaked some images that prove this will happen.

The Epic Game and John Wick are collaborating for his Upcoming Movie. This Made Fortnite more impressive to have John Wick with his Favourite Weapons and Some skins.

Fortnite Map Change for John Wick

As Fortnite Season 9 needs a new map now, there are already so many map changes happened. But this change is most obvious, that a house in Paradise Palm looks like John Wick’s House in the movie.

John Wick's House
John Wick’s House

The Another Building change you will observe at Neo Tilted is a Continental Hotel, as it is also very similar to the hotel in John Wick’s Movie. Although they had made some changes like the Hotel banner has NYC location name and Fortnite has Neo Tilted.

John Wicks Continental Hotel
John Wicks Continental Hotel

Fortnite Weapons Added for John Wick

As players were feeling sad for losing Pump Shotgun, they are missing it a lot. But as per the new Movie of John Wick; he uses a Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun. In case of adding this shotgun representative in Fortnite, they might have removed Pump Shotgun. We can just hope that Pump Shotgun will return after this collaboration.

John Wick's Shotgun
John Wick’s Shotgun

Also, they are adding John Wick’s Tactical Assault Rifle in the Game. This game has a logo which is very similar to the Rifle John Wick is using in the movie.

John Wick's Tactical Assault Rifle
John Wick’s Tactical Assault Rifle

How to Play as John Wick

As we have seen all the leaks which are being added in the Fortnite. Now you might have a question in your mind that if its true John wick is coming, then how to play like a John Wick?

Another leak from Fortnite also prove this thing,  Fortnite is Adding a Limited Time Mode like Avengers Endgame. This LTM is given a name Wick’s Bounty. You can refer the image below to see what this challenge needs to complete.

John Wick's Bounty LTM Challenge
John Wick’s Bounty LTM Challenge

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