PUBG Mobile Happy Makar Sankranti Event

How to Play Happy Makar Sankranti Event 2020?

PUBG Mobile Happy Makar Sankranti Event:

I wish you a very very blissful Wishes of Makar Sankranti to all Readers. On this Sankranti and Pongal Event, PUBG Mobile India has launched a Time-limited Event on 14th Jan 2020 and wishing Happy Makar Sankranti to all through this Happy Makar Sankranti Event. This event will end on 25th Jan 2020 so make sure you collect all rewards before this time.

There are lots of interesting rewards in this PUBG Mobile Makar Sankranti Event and the best part is one final Reward is Permanent Outfit with Indian traditional design. And finally, PUBG Mobile has listened to all our goods and bring a specially designed Sankranti outfit in-game.

All Rewards in Happy Makar Sankranti Event:

Let’s have a look over all Rewards in this Sankranti Event and start playing this Happy Makar Sankranti Event today. Because this event will end soon and you have very fewer chances to get the dice and roll it.

You will get Rewards like:

  • 3 Coupons and 7 Coupon Scraps
  • Parachute Trail
  • UC Discount Pass
  • M416 Time-limited Skin
  • Crowbar Time-limited Skin
  • One Permanent outfit with Indian Tradition.
Happy Makar Sankranti Event All Rewards
Happy Makar Sankranti Event All Rewards

How to Play the PUBG Mobile Makar Sankranti Event?

Before I start my tips for Playing this PUBG Mobile Happy Makar Sankranti Event, Watch this video by PUBG Mobile officials how they have played this.

Tips to Play Happy Makar Sankranti Event:

  • You can play this Event with your friends together like Snakes and ladders game.
  • There is simple rule you just have to roll the dice and by this get to the final level 120.
  • There are lots of rewards on this map, and you will get one reward after every 7 to 8 steps.
  • You can get the Dice by completing daily missions or using UC balance. This will cost you 60 UC per Dice.
  • There are some game rules as always please read them and play Happy Makar Sankranti Event.
How to Get Dice in Happy Makar Sankranti Event
How to Get Dice in Happy Makar Sankranti Event
  • To get the Dice just click on the button Get Dice and collect 1 dice per completed mission. Or simply buy dice by using 60 UC per Dice.
  • These Mission refresh daily so you need to complete them and collect daily.
  • Don’t miss this chance to get a Permanent Outfit.

PUBG Mobile Sankranti Event Rules:

If we skip one rule then all rules are just simply the hard one rule is “You need to reach 120 level to get the Permanent outfit; in case you are at 119 and you roll dice with 4 then you will go ahead with 1 place and backward with 3 places.”

Happy Makar Sankranti Event Rules
Happy Makar Sankranti Event Rules

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