best armor in Firestorm

How to get and use the best armor in Firestorm [survival tips..]

Best Armors in Firestorm:

Armor is a new way to increase your health, which is available only in the firestorm. While armor is generally very standard for the Battle Royale game, this is the first time the mechanic appears in the Battlefield series. Here we are going to discuss the Best Armor in Firestorm and how to use them. When you land in the firestorm, your soldier is armed with an Armor West, which you have to fill with armor plates.

Similar to other types of robbery, Armor Vets comes in three levels:

  • Light (Normal) – Green
  • Medium (rare) – blue
  • Heavy (epic) – Purple

Details about Best Armor in Firestorm:

A light vest will only carry an armor plate, while a heavy vest can take up to three. Each Armor plate adds an additional 50 health, in which the fully equipped Heavy Armor vest has a maximum of 150. Note: When you spawn in the game, your Armor West does not have any Armor Plates, so finding and equipping them should be a top priority.

When you find a new armor vest, it will already be near the plates, so you only have to do that you have to choose it and instead of going to your list it will equip itself.

You can find all the armor vests and plates in standard loot locations, including the object, scattered near fallen enemies, and at random places in the entire map. It is important to remember that when you are not always able to equip all the armor plates you have searched for, you can store three extra plates in your inventory. When your currently breaking plates break, you can easily switch them to new ones.

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Note: Even with a heavy vest, you will be protected from only some weapons and explosive damage, it will not prevent you from being harmed by environmental damage. For example, due to the grip of a vehicle or being caught in a fire ring, you will lose your health, whether you are armored or not.

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