How to find and unlock objectives and supply drops in firestorm


Unlock Objectives in Firestorm:

Objectives in Firestorm are strategic and important places in the areas of interest that can be clearly and easily searched or difficult to find. Protecting objectives on your own or as a squad gives you access to anything from epic-tier weapons to destructive tanks. Firestorm has five types of aims (from lowest to highest risk) –

Strongbox –

These wooden boxes appear in random times around major locations. You will find three common, rare or epic gadgets, weapons, or treatment items inside you. A good understanding of the Halvøy map and potentially strongbox spawn points will work a lot. To protect these objectives, just approach the app and open it, nothing more than that.

Safes –

To accomplish these objectives you do not need heavy explosives, just a little patience (and luck). Check out the sap in the confectionery sites where they will appear randomly. These objectives do not appear on the mini-map or HUD, their positions are not at all the top secrets and it is a definite condition that the enemy will search the sites as well as compete with them.

Supply Drops –

Peel your eyes for green smoke, there is a definite sign that a supply drop has touched below you. They can be dropped by overhead flying planes and will appear as a canister associated with a parachute. Think through your attitude and understand that the ambush and sniper attacks are all but certainty where these objectives are concerned.

Vehicle lockup –

You will not find these huge concrete bunkers on your mini-map or HUD. Large metal doors can be opened only by the mechanism on both sides of them. Your best strategy with a squad will be to keep two members on the lookout and two to open the doors. Keep your vehicle and robbery safe and keep on active duty list if you want to keep moving.

Resupply Points –

You will find these randomly generated objectives within the ring of fire. Once a resupply point becomes a barrage balloon, then it will rise on it. All players will receive a ping on their in-game compass, but will only be able to tell the status of the nearest capture. To get your hands on the rear and epic tear booty, you will need to capture at this point. Once it is completely captured, two large canisters on the ground will open your loot and will reveal. Know that the player can wait to complete the occupation before you attack.

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