Grand Battle Royale – For IOS and Android [100% Free]

The Grand Battle Royale is a 3D blocky-pixel character third-person Battle Royale Game, similar to PUBG Mobile. You can download this game on IOS, Android and also on PC if you use Android OS or Emulator. The Game size is too Small near about 100 MB.

Grand Battle Royale is Published by GameSpire Ltd and was released on 23 Feb 2018 on the Android Platform. This game is very entertaining if you like to play games like Bomber, Mario 3D.

Then you will like this 3D game which will give a feeling of playing PUBG Mobile with Bomber Animation.

This game has one big map, with a solo third-person Battle Royale Match. You need to play for 5 Min. Gameplay and kill the enemies to win the game.

Grand Battle Royale Features:

  • Mobile Version Game Similar to Pixel Battle Royale
  • You can use 5 weapons in a game.
  • You get Multiple character skins
  • You can Control/drive Tanks
  • Multiplayer Solo Battle Royale Mode
  • Battle Royale gameplay with 1 big and detailed environment
  • Player has 3D blocky-pixel characters
  • Multiple Weapons are available on the map.
  • Small download size without additional downloads after install.
  • There are no fake-bots players, only real online players

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Grand Battle Royale GamePlay:

You can Play a Multiplayer Third Person Solo Battle Royale Game. In this match you all 20 Players are lifted by a plane to an island. Then you need to jump in the map location to collect weapons and kill your Enemies.

You get a total time of 5 Min. Game Play and 19 Enemies to kill and if you survive till the last then you will win this game.

Grand Battle Royale Lobby
Grand Battle Royale Lobby

During the match, you can pick up Different types of weapons like an Assault rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Sniper, other weapons like Saw, Sward, etc. You can keep a maximum of 5 Weapons during the match and use any weapon during your gameplay.

If you need more Weapons or Health Kit, then you can go and loot the Airdrop Supplies which are given during the Game Play on different locations. You can hold the position near Airdrop Supply and wait for enemies to come there and you can easily kill them.

Grand Battle Royale Gameplay
Grand Battle Royale Gameplay

This game has 3 game modes:


The location of the battlegrounds is a distant island with a dead city somewhere in the sea surrounded by a mysterious Blue Zone. Your main task is to stay inside the safe zone and eliminate all your enemies.


Players on one team hide as a Prop from other players in any room or try to escape! Simply swap and become any kind of hidden object — a bottle, a chair, a toaster, or even a fridge. Hunt the hidden props as a Hunter by finding and shooting at them! Action-shooter gameplay in the popular Prop Hunt genre.


Zombies vs Humans. In Infected (zombie infection), one player starts as the zombie and has to kill the rest of the other players. If you are killed by a zombie, you also become a zombie, and you have to kill the other players. The last man standing wins the game!

Minimum System Requirements:

To play this game on your Mobile or PC you don’t need much more configuration. If you are using the oldest Android Mobile then you can also play this game very easily.

  • Android OS 4.1 or More
  • Minimum 200 MB Internal Storage
  • Minimum 1 GB Ram
  • Internet Connection

How to Install Grand Battle Royale on Mobile?

  • Visit the Google Play Store and search for Grand Battle Royale
  • Follow the Installation Process
  • Allow Game Access to your Phone
  • After a successful installation clicks on open to play the game.
Grand Battle Royale Download
Grand Battle Royale Download

How to Play Grand Battle Royale On PC?

As this Game is for Mobile you need to install an Android OS on your PC or and Emulator Software.

There are two methods to play this game on PC

  1. Install Phoenix OS on your PC
  2. Install Emulator like Tencent Gaming Buddy & Bluestack.

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