Free Chicken Medal and 5000 BP in PUBG Lite – Weekend Party

PUBG Lite or PUBG PC Lite keeps adding something and they have added Free Chicken Medal and 5000 BP in PUBG Lite with the name of Weekend Event.

Chicken Medal and 5000 BP
Chicken Medal and 5000 BP

On the behalf of their expansion of servers this weekend the PUBG Lite is arranging this Weekend event for 3 days.

Duration of Weekend Event:

DAY 1 –  Oct 17 22:00 UTC ~ Oct 18 21:30 UTC

DAY 2 –  Oct 18 22:00 UTC ~ Oct 19 21:30 UTC

DAY 3 –  Oct 19 22:00 UTC ~ Oct 20 22:00 UTC

Rewards in PUBG PC Lite:

  • 5 Chicken Medals and 5000 Bonus Points. (for 3 days)
  • 15 Chicken Medals and 5 level up Cards (as Extra Rewards)

During these days you can play a match every day to earn 5 Chicken Medal and 5000 BP that Bonus Points in PUBG lite weekend Event.

As if you are a regular Player in PUBG Lite then you might aware of how BP is rare in PUBG Lite. And you have the chance to win the free 5000 Bonus Points Just Play any Classic match in any Map.

Rules for Free Chicken Medal and 5000 BP:

  • You need to Complete One Match each day to earn 5 Chicken Medal and 5k BP. (Play 1 match (Miramar / Erangel / Sanhok))
  • To earn Extra Rewards, Participate all 3 days.
  • Extra Rewards will be sent in the Inventory Box once the event ends.
  • The maximum you can receive: CHICKEN MEDAL 30EA, 15000 BP, 5 LEVELS (1EA)

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