Fortnite Caused V-Buck Problem while Compensating Arcana Glider on 8th May 2019

How Fortnite caused V-Buck Problem.

Epic Run into a Bug Problem leading adding an inappropriate amount of V-Bucks in Some Players Account. While Some players might felt that their items have been removed. Epic also tweeted about this Fortnite caused V-Buck Problem on 8th May 2019.

As you might know, the Volcano event took place in Season 8 week 10. Many players purchased Arcana glider to witness the event. And Some could not even able to witness that Volcano Event.

That’s why Epic Games decided to give Free Arcana Glider to all the players who participate but could not witness the event. And Return the V-bucks who have purchased Arcana Glider before the event.

But unfortunately, today on 8th May Fortnite Run into a Bug causing an inappropriate amount of V-bucks to get transferred to the Players account. While Some Players felt that their inventory was removed.

The official Fortnite Tweeter also addressed this bug report and apologize for the inconvenience

“Unfortunately, Fortnite caught into a bug leading inappropriate amount of V-Bucks and removed items”

Be Cautious While Spending your V-Bucks:

If you were one of the lucky who got a bunch of free V-Bucks, then be careful. Your instinct might be to spend them on items for yourself, but they likely won’t be in your inventory for a long time.

The most likely thing that may happen is ‘losing v-bucks’ that any purchases you will make before this rollback will be reverted – even those you make from non-refunded V-Bucks.

I’d caution you to be careful spending V-Bucks until the rollback is complete. Said Fortnite Tracker.

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