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Battlefield 5 Update v 1.15 :

Hello Friends, Welcome to the News of Battlefield V Firestorm, Releasing New Battlefield 5 update -Tides of War Chapter 3 – Patch note 1.15 on 30 April 2019. It is great to see you here for this update and I promise to provide the detail info about this new Battlefield V Firestorm Update v1.15.

Battlefield 5 Update Summary:

BattleField 5 Team Posted in Forum: “This update contains improvements over a wide variety of features, such as tweaks to vehicles, soldiers, and weapons. We’ve also improved Firestorm in several ways. Additionally, there are many other additions that will be enabled through the upcoming Tides of War missions.”

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Update (Tides of War Chapter 3) V1.15 is available on 30th April to download now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here is the patch notes Battlefield 5 Update:

  • Vehicle Glitch Fixed
  • Weapon Gadgets and specialization Fixed
  • Soldier Fixed (Landing Roll Update and Other Soldier Update)
  • Maps and Modes
  • Battle Hunt Grand Operation Balance Changes
  • Improved Firestorm
  • UI/HUD/Options/Assignments/Other Changes
  • Stability Fixed
  • PC-Specific Improvements
  • X-Box Specific Improvements

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Battlefield 5 Update Accessibility

Vehicles Glitch Fixed:

  • Fixed the Valentine Autoloader Specialization, which was unintentionally active even if it wasn’t selected. After this change, Valentine Mk VIII tanks without the Specialization will see a 10% decrease in the rate of fire.
  • Fixed the position of the muzzle flash from the gunner positions of multiple vehicles.
  • Updated the smoke screen effect for the Panzer 38t and Staghound. The smoke now lasts longer and has more potential for creative use.
  • Made the vehicle equipment smoke a bit more useful by increasing the area of smoke by roughly 15-25%.

Weapons, Gadgets, and Specialization Fixes

  • The Lattey sights are no longer missing a part of their scope on the Sten when using the default skin.
  • The cooldown for the Syringe no longer breaks when entering/exiting a vehicle.
  • Removed an unintended delay when switching between the primary weapon and sidearm.
  • The Syringe should now always be visible when performing a revive.
  • M30 Drilling: It is now possible to change the firing mode during the first half second of a reload.
  • Switching firing modes and switching to secondary weapons with a controller is now more responsive.

Soldier Fixes

Landing Roll Update

  • During the past few months, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players about the landing roll feature introduced in Battlefield 5. More specifically, the frustration of not having any control over it, to the point where players would just do their best to avoid a vault over obstacles that would result in a landing roll.
  • With this update, we are giving players full control over the landing roll with the goal to make it an interesting choice when traversing the world. This means:
  • Landing rolls aren’t tied to vault anymore. They can be triggered from a simple fall by pressing the crouch button when hitting the ground.

Soldier Fix

Other Soldier Updates

  • Disabled the vault fail hand reach animation (triggered when the obstacle is too high) when the player is moving with enough speed. This will reduce the amount of cases where players trigger that animation when not intended.
  • Players can now be revived after getting killed in a vehicle while playing Firestorm, Combined Arms, and multiplayer.
  • Suppression no longer delays the activation of passive healing.
  • Reintroduced a healing effect that will only be visible at the edges of the screen when the player is currently healing from any sources (passive healing or pouch healing). This improvement is less intrusive than our previous implementation, but, as always, we’re open to feedback.

Maps and Modes in Battlefield 5 Update:

  • General – Fixed a visual glitch that allowed trees and bushes to stretch weirdly when a tank fired close to them.
  • General – Added collision to the artillery gun that is used in Rush, Frontlines, and Airborne so that players are no longer able to get under it and defuse it without being seen.
  • Fjell 652 – Fixed an issue where planes could fly outside of the combat area.
  • Aerodrome – Fixed a spawn point that was placed inside a box in the hangar area.
  • Aerodrome – Players should no longer be able to fall between the edge of the hangar and the larger crates, where they would get stuck.


  • Improved the Victory screen.
  • Fixed an issue that was letting players leave and rejoin a game through their squads.
  • Players are now able to use weapons and gadgets while in the Schwimmwagen passenger seat if they entered it while being in the water.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make it look like a dead player was crawling or being still alive while prone.
  • Increased the number of armor plates that a soldier can carry from three to five.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a weapon to be unintentionally fired after reviving someone.
  • Fixed a glitch that would enable players to bring a weapon from the lobby into the Firestorm match.


  • Made multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.

PC-Specific Improvements in Battlefield 5 Update:

  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes result in mouse input lag after players alt-tabbed the game or switch to windowed mode.
  • In Firestorm, players will now be able to initiate matchmaking even in the case that they had previously joined a squad in Firestorm and then left it.
  • In Firestorm, players will no longer not be able to matchmake if they had previously played with a squad and the squad leader had quit the game mid-round.
  • Fixed a rare flickering issue that could occur on the Narvik deploy screen.
  • The hotkey for using the X2 500lb bombs now shows the correct key binding when using the Mosquito FB MKVI.
  • In Origin when playing Battlefield 5, the Rich presence statuses of your friends are now shown in the localization setting that you (and not your friend) have set.

Xbox One-Specific Improvements

  • The Stuka B-1 Nitrous Specialization activation has now been correctly mapped to the left D-pad button as shown in the user interface. It was previously incorrectly set to the right D-pad.

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