Epic Games Purchased Psyonix (Rocket League Developer) – [Read More]

Epic Games Purchased Psyonix

Epic Games Purchased Psyonix:

Epic Game acquire Psyonix: As a Game developer Epic Games is a well known Company and nowadays their Game ‘Fortnite’ is Trending. And this is not new that Epic Games Acquires Small Gaming Companies so Epic Games Purchased Psyonix.

But yes it is Somehow shocking that Epic Games have Purchased the Well Powered Developer Team and Company Psyonix. Psyonix had a recent Achievement by their Game Rocket League.

Today, the official Rocket League Twitter account tweeted something big. Psyonix, the developer behind the hit vehicular soccer game, has been purchased by Epic Games.

Epic Games had Made the Psyonix Games available on The Epic Gaming Store. Where the noticeable thing is that Psyonix Made an absurd idea and converted it into an Award Winning Game. If you did so then don’t you want it to include in your Portfolio rather than selling it to another one.

The Epic Games and Psyonix had confirmed this acquisition though they did not mention any figure. But on the Psyonix side, it says that Nothing will be changed about The Rocket League in the short term. Rather than this game will be available on the Epic Store to reach the Greater Audience.

When asked about what this means for the Rocket League esports ecosystem, Psyonix had this to say:

We think this is a great move for the Rocket League esports ecosystem because it significantly increases our potential reach and resources, just like it does for the game itself. We really do believe that you’ll find our future in esports to be very exciting — especially in the near future, where on June 21-23 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) finals will end our 7th season with a bang!

Epic Games Purchased Psyonix

Where in as by Epic Side it says that This game will not have any bad effect from Epic, and will not be removed from Steam, But it may clash with the Microsoft as this game is also available on Microsoft Store for PC gamers.

Psyonix Ended these Conversations with a big thank to his Fans. Although this was not related to the Play Station, Fans are Fans. And Some are Really Happy with this Acquisition. Because Epic Games is Really one Who can Largely Evolve any Game.

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