Earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge

Yes, you read it right; now you can earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile Game. You just have to Play in Squad and win 3 matches back to back. “Cheaters not allowed please!”

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This is not any Hack or Fake leading tip. If you check while I share this tip with you; then, you will find that the same thing is available in your game. And the best part of this is you don’t even have to buy this UC.

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So let’s get started and see what is this and how you can Earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile?

How to Earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile?

  • Login to your PUBG Mobile Game
  • Check a 4quad Box near Start Button.
  • Click on it and you will see some options.
  • Go to the Bonus Reward option (check the image below) and check there you will see an option to collect coins.
  • These are Battle Coins that can be converted into PUBG Mobile UC.
PUBG Mobile Bonus Reward
PUBG Mobile Bonus Reward

Now please follow these steps and check each step very carefully. Here you will know how you can convert your Battle Coins into Unknown Cash that is BC to UC. That is how you can earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile Squad Matches.

PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenges
PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenges
  • Here in Bonus Reward option, you will see 4 tabs as follows
    • Challenge – Challenges you Play
    • Redeem – Convert BC to UC and BC to Rewards
    • History – Your Career in Battle Reward
    • Rules – Rules for Bonus Challenges.
  • Now you can go to the challenge section and challenge other players to win more Battle Coins. But before this we need to know the Rules of this game. So I will suggest you check the Rules given below before you start this Bonus Challenge.
  • If you have read all the Rules let’s start and check how you to earn Battle Coins to convert them into 500 UC in PUBG Mobile. As I said “Earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile.”
  • Once you go to the challenge tab you will get one option to collect some battle coins. These coins can be used to bet challenge.
  • There are many challenges where you can put a challenge and bet for Battle Coins. Some are given below:
    • Win the next classic squad match.
    • Win 3 Classic Squad Match in a row.
    • The Course of next game is____
  • If you use Auto Challenge option, it will auto use your every classic match in challenge till your wallet have that much battle coins.
  • Next in Redeem Tab, you can Convert your Battle coins into Rewards as follows: This is what I said you can Earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile.
    • 1000 BC to 100 UC
    • 3000 BC to 300 UC
    • 5000 BC to 500 UC
    • And Much more other Rewards

Tip: If you really want to earn 500 UC by Playing PUBG Mobile Squad Matches in Bonus Challenges. Then you can reduce your Tier Level to Gold and then challenge. This will let you fight against some noob players and you can beat them easily and can win 3 Classic mode matches in a row.

PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge Rules
PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge Rules

Rules for PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge:

  • Spend Battle Coins according to the Challenge Fees.
  • Accept the Challenge and Start Classic Squad Match.
  • The results of the challenge will be displayed after the match ends.
  • After completing the Challenge Results must be confirmed to get rewards in-game mail.
  • You can use the Auto Challenge option to keep Playing for Bonus Challenge.
  • This Auto Challenge will stop automatically your wallet don’t have enough Battle Coins.
  • You will fail the challenge if you leave the classic match for any reason.
  • Bonus Rewards are available in Asian Servers only.

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