COD Mobile Season 3 Release Date 👉 19 Jan 2020 Take a Look 👁️👁️

COD Mobile Season 3 Update First Look:

Whether it’s about PUBG Mobile Update or COD Mobile Update we are here to serve you with the real and perfect news. And today the news is about COD Mobile Season 3 Update – Release Date is 19th Jan 2020. The Update Size is going to become 1.5GB approx. So let’s get started and check what’s coming up in the COD Mobile Season 3 Update.

The New version is live to update for all of us just visit play store and update your game today, but you need to wait until 19 to 20 of Jan 2020 to get the New Season Live.

COD Mobile Season 3 Patch Note
COD Mobile Season 3 Patch Note

COD Mobile Season 3 Upcoming Assets:

The COD Mobile new Update is going to add some new Maps and new Multiplayer as well BR Modes. I think this update is going to be the best update I ever had seen in both PUBG and COD.

  • New MP Mode Map is Coming named as ScrapYard
  • New MP Mode Play – Rapid Fire
  • New BR Mode to Play – 20 vs 20 Players Mode
  • New Skins for Guns.
  • New Character to play.

Yes once you update the game to the new version you will be able to unlock the new character in COD Mobile. To get this new Female Character with female voice just link your current COD Mobile Acc with Call of duty website acc.

  • once you update you will see Link your account option to get this new character.
  • if you don’t see even if you update the game, then just go to settings and link your account.
  • Make sure you have an account on the Activision dot com website.
Get New Character in COD Mobile
Get New Character in COD Mobile

That’s it for now here I have mentioned all those things that are confirmed by COD Mobile itself you can check out those images also. Once COD Mobile releases more about this COD Mobile Season 3 Update I will definitely update it here. So stay tuned and enjoy playing COD Mobile.

Event Window changed
Event Window changed

The Event Section has changed and from the new update, you will see the Event Progress Windows as shown in the image above.

New MP Map ScrapYard:

This map is already present in the PC version of Call of Duty Games. As this map is going to be the second smallest map after the Kill House in MP mode, I think the new Mode called Rapid Fire will be played in this ScrapYard Map.

The Scrapyard itself is a New Map and New MP mode to be played in a new update version of COD Mobile. This mode is time-limited and valid for 6 days from the 16th of Jan 2020. So just go and update your game ASAP.

New MP Mode Map - Scrapyard
New MP Mode Map – Scrapyard

The New MP Mode -Rapid Fire:

According to the COD Mobile new Update Patch note, there is a new MP mode called Rapid Fire coming up in season 3 Update. In this mode everything will go very fast, you can get your Scorestreak and operator skills to use as fast as you can.

As per the update, the Rapid Fire Mode is time-limited MP Mode this is valid for 6 Dyas only from 16th Jan 2020. You can play it by just updating your game.

New MP Mode - Rapid Fire
New MP Mode – Rapid Fire

New 20 vs 20 BR Mode in COD Mobile Season 3:

A brand new model is coming up in the COD Mobile season 3 Update; this mode might be a permanent mode. I wish it may be a permanent mode not a time-limited as the Sniper mode in COD Mobile BR matches.

In this mode, you and your teammates will have unlimited respawns until the match ends. And you have to fight against the 16 other enemies just like Arcade match in PUBG Mobile.

New 20 Vs 20 BR Mode in COD Mobile Season 3
New 20 Vs 20 BR Mode in COD Mobile Season 3

Actually I loved the BR Sniper Mode as we can challenge the enemy with sniper only.