COD Mobile Season 2 is Live Now – 25th Nov 2019

Yes, if you are a COD Mobile Player then you must know that today on 24th Nov 2019 COD Mobile has Unlocked the Zombie Mode and now just one day to go for COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass. The COD Mobile Season 2 is coming Tomorrow.

Today the Zombie mode was first released for Mobile Players and then it was released for Emulator Players. If you are an emulator player and facing any problem in getting the COD Mobile Season 2 Update on Emulator let me know in the comment box and I will help you with that.

COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass is Live
COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass is Live

Let check what you think you are getting in the new Update of COD Mobile and Soon I will also update the Battle pass on tomorrow once it releases.

COD Mobile Season 2 – Zombie Mode Unlocked

  • 3 New Events – Kill Zombies and get Rewards
    • Zombie Match Challenge
    • Zombie Kill Challenge
    • Zombie Kill Ranking
  • Different Lobby and Loadout for Zombie Mode
  • Earn More C Coins by watching Ads
  • 3 Different Modes in Zombie Mode
    • Normal Raid
    • Hardcore Raid
    • Survival
  • COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass (Coming Tomorrow)

How to get More C Coins in COD Mobile?

You can earn C Coins and buy some Skins for Guns, Some Sprays and lots of stuff from the Store. But how to unlock these C Coins? You can unlock these Coins in the following ways.

  • Play Weekly Events
  • Watch Daily 5 Ads
  • Earn Credit Crates
  • Dismantle Similar Items

Yes, I have earned some C Coins and used them for purchasing new Gun Camo/Skin. You can also earn here are some methods you can earn.

There is an option beside Your Name ID named with “Watch” When this button is available you can click on it and watch the Ad for some seconds. You will get rewarded with at least 25 C Coins by watching one ad. There is a limit you can watch only 5 ads daily.

From COD Mobile Season 2 you can also Earn some free C Coins by joining any Clan and Completing the Task.

Fearless Soldier Crate
Fearless Soldier Crate

Play Weekly Challenges and earn direct C Coins or some Crates like Battle Crates or Credit Crates. Here you can get C Coins from these crates by Earning and opening them.

In Battle Crates You can earn any Skin, Weapon XP Cards or some C Coins up to 50 Value. Or you can directly Earn some C Coins from Credit Crates the value goes up to 500 C Coins per Crate.

If in case, you unlock a similar item from battle crate then the system will automatically Dismantle the Item and give you some C Coins in Return.

New Zombie Events in COD Mobile Season 2 Update:

Here comes the Zombie Mode with some Weekly Events. These events will expire in 7 Days and you have a week to complete the theme by killing Zombies to Unlock some exciting Rewards.

You can Play 2 Types of Events in this Season in Zombie Mode: one is Zombie Match Challenge and another is Zombie Kill Challenge.

New Zombie Events in COD Mobile Season 2 Update
New Zombie Events in COD Mobile Season 2 Update

If you complete the Zombie Match challenge, then you will get Zombie Avatar and if you complete the Zombie Kill Challenge then you will get M16 Gun Skin by Killing 500 Zombies.

This does not end yet, by playing these 2 events you indirectly get qualified for the 3rd event that is Zombie Kill Ranking. Reach higher Ranking and get Free Skin for Pistol and RPD.

Zombie Mode Unlocked before COD Mobile Season 2:

Finally, Zombies has come to COD Mobile or let say the Zombie mode has launched before releasing the Season 2.

Here in this mode, you can play the matches in 3 types of gameplay. The Mode gameplay is given below:

  • Normal Raid
  • Hardcore Raid
  • Survival

As per the name, it shows its difficulty. In Normal Raid, you will face some simple zombies and in Hardcore Raid you will face some medium difficulty Zombies. While in Survival Raid type of mode you will face the hardest level of Zombies and you have to survive.

To make this Zombie Mode interesting COD Mobile has included some interesting rewards. You can play and unlock these rewards as shown in the image below.

These rewards are limited for the daily 3 limits. Play More to explore more and earn more rewards.

COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass:

Finally, the battle pass of COD Mobile Season 2 has been released. Yesterday was the last day to reach 100 Level and I played COD Mobile till 4 AM. This is what we called Craze of a game.

Here are some rewards from Season 2 you must know and if you like to buy a premium battle pass then go ahead. Because in free battle pass there are very few rewards and compared to this the premium battle pass is giving a lot more than it cost for. You will get some gun skins that you haven’t even got in PUBG Mobile Paid Royale Pass. Check out some images below.

As soon as you purchase the Premium Pass you will unlock the new Her in COD Mobile Season 2 “Alex Mason”. And you will also get some tier wise rewards as shown in the image.

Here are some Special Rewards for Free Battle Pass holders in COD Mobile Season 2. Check the images given below.