COD Mobile Dragonfire Challenge – Get Scoretreak for free

Free COD Mobile Dragonfire Scorestreak:

New Event in COD Mobile; here you can get free Scorestreak to use in Multiplayer Mode. This COD Mobile Dragonfire Scorestreak is also known as the mechanic in Battle Royale.

To get this Dragonfire you need to play the CODM Dragonfire Challenge and complete some challenges given in it.

Note: in case you read this article late and you missed this Dragonfire Challenge. Don’t worry COD Mobile brings this skill in the Shop where you can buy it by using your Credit Points. If you still missed any skill then just visit the store and check if you want to buy something.

COD Mobile Dragonfire Challenge
COD Mobile Dragonfire Challenge

Dragonfire Scorestreak Specification:

  • Detect enemy Location
  • Carry 3 laser bombs
  • You can detect the enemy and kill using Dragonfire scorestreak.

How to Get Dragonfire Scorestreak?

  • Open COD Mobile and check for the COD Mobile Dragonfire Challenge in events.
  • Check the Challenges and complete them in your favorite maps.
  • I usually play in Kill House, Because I can kill 30 Enemies easily using a sniper.
  • You can choose your favorite map and complete this MP missions and collect this Dragonfire Scorestreak.