Beginner’s Guide to Play Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most played strategic games that are available on the Google Play Store and Apple store. Since its release, we have witnessed so many versions of this game and the reason behind its popularity is that it is the most addictive game among the young players.

Everything can be mastered with the passage of time and true skill comes with experience and the same is true for Clash of Clans private servers because you will learn to play this game with experience.

In the gameplay, you will have to build bases for defensive purposes, raid other players and involve various strategies to win the trophy. If you are looking for how to play Clash of Clans for beginners then I would like to give you some easy tips to follow.

Easy ways to Start Playing Clash of Clans:

Finish the Tutorial:

The one useful tip you need to follow is that you will have to finish the tutorial and gradually you will learn all the steps. You just need to follow the big arrows that point to the important areas of the game.

One important tip for you is that you don’t deploy all the wizards and don’t spend the gems or elixirs for troops training or building bases because that can be used in other attacks.

The First 72 Hours Protection Shield:

The first 48 hours of the game are very important because in this period you will need to upgrade your elixir collectors, storage and goldmines. Many first time players make the mistake of upgrading the defensive buildings or buying the troops but this is not needed at the beginning.

You have to remember this thing in your mind that you will be provided a shield during the first three days and in this period nobody can attack you. After the 48 hours, it’s time to start upgrading and building your defensive bases because your shield will only last for 24 hours from now. During the 72 hours of protection, the attackers cannot invade your bases or cannot loot your gems at all.

Start Building and Designing your Base:

Now, it’s high time that you should start building your defensive structures and design your overall defensive framework. The real Clash of Clans will start from here and at the starting point you will have to build mortars and walls.

This time you have to upgrade the walls to level 3 and you need to place the walls around all your important buildings so that the attackers cannot destroy your assets. You have to remember that the important buildings include the town hall, cannons, storages, and Archer Towers.

clash of clans Guide Tutorial
clash of clans Guide Tutorial

Upgrade your Squad:

In Clash of clans, you will learn about resources. This game will provide you with infinite resources and the three main types of resources are called gems.

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In the clash of clans, money and power are available in the form of gems and you will have to earn the gems by performing various tasks such as removing obstacles or attacking enemies.

If you are a little impatient then you can also purchase the gems. If you are a beginner then let me tell you that gems can be used for various purposes that include the construction of buildings within a short period of time, train the troops and fast unit production.

Three Types of Resources in Clash of Clans:

The resources in Clash of Clans are known as gems and they are in the form of gold, elixir and dark elixir. You will need to spend these resources for various fruitful purposes that help you to survive in the game until the end.

The gold can be used to build the buildings and you can create your own army of troops with elixirs. Dark elixirs are the unique type of gems and they appear at the end of the game. Dark elixirs will allow you to unlock powerful things in the game.

If you have all these gold, elixir and dark elixirs then you will stand at the commanding position and you will be considered as more powerful.

You will have to Use the Gems Wisely:

If you have enough gems then you need to understand that gems are just like money and they need to be used wisely. If you haven’t used the gems in a smart way in the beginning then you will be short of them when the time comes for you to build the huts in the future.

Steps You Need to Follow to Survive in the Game:

The Town Hall:

A town hall is a place that is considered the heart of your base and you will have to protect the town hall at any cost. You will have to make a proper strategy that allows you to place the town hall in the middle of the map surrounded by all the buildings.

If your strategy is right then your enemies will have to go through various hurdles and levels to reach the center. You will have to put various barriers and walls to stop the enemies at the initial level.

COC Townhall
COC Townhall

Moreover, it’s high time to use your gems wisely as you will need them to build huts and it is the time that you will use the wizards to destroy the enemy base but keep in mind that you will have to save three wizards for future.

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I have witnessed that many players waste their resources by building extra storages for gold and elixir at the start of the game which is not needed at all.

How to Protect your Base:

If you want to protect your base that you have to upgrade your weapons such as mortars, cannons and archer towers because they will provide extra protection against your enemies.

The more weapons will be unlocked when you will cross more levels in the game. This is the time to make a good strategy in order to protect your base and one of the smartest ideas is to make builder huts at every corner of the map as it will serve an extra traveling time for your enemies to reach near you.

Another idea is to put enemy traps around your defensive buildings because you will have to protect your center at any cost that is the Town Hall and storages for gold and elixirs.

Attack your Enemy:

Your first task will be protecting the base and once it is protected then you will have to play a scheme to attack your enemies and grab the loot.

When you will do various attacks on your enemy and get successful then you will be given rewards in the form of gold and elixir. If you destroy the entire base of the enemy then you will be happy to get more powerful rewards.

If you want to win the game then you will have to target the weaker areas of your enemy and your main focus should be to grab the resources first.

Final Thought:

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games but in order to win the game, you will have to test various strategies first and focus on learning, patience, planning, intelligence, and skills. It is a game that makes you focus on various things at the same time and the player who is good at planning will survive in the end.

Now, I would like you to enjoy the game and start exploring the hidden fun.