Apex Legend 1.08 patch Update – Raised an GamePlay issue for Fans

Apex Legend Update

Apex Legend 1.08 patch Update Release on 8th May

A new Apex Legend 1.08 Update has been released today on 8th May on PS4 with Fans having a problem in download and update. Accordingly, Respawn Entertainment this update was for PlayStation to fix the problem in skins bundle and available on PlayStation Store.

“We are aware of the crashing reports on PS4 since downloading the update today,” The Apex dev message reads. “For some context, this patch was only meant to update the PS+ skin rewards in the PlayStation Store, no changes were made to the game and this was pushed on PlayStation 4 only.”

KNOWN ISSUE: PS4 Update Causing Crashing from r/apexlegends

This was stated on Official Apex Legend Reddit Channel by the manager. And Due to this bug many Apex Players facing Gameplay problem with Apex Skins, and Respawns.

What this 1.08 Update has done:

Respawn Entertainment has not stated more than this. But they said that their team is trying to solve this issue. And Confirm to look into this issue as soon as possible.

“For those experiencing crashing on PS4, we’re aware and investigating the issue. We’ll provide updates as we work on a fix,” this was a message from the Apex Legends developer team.

As before this issue Apex legend launched a patch on 2nd May to block the hackers or cheat code users. Just have a look image below what they did.

Apex Legend 1.08 patch Update - Raised an GamePlay issue for Fans 1
block cheat codes in Apex Legend

As this update went live many fans reported this issue that they are unable to play on PS4 and Complete their matches.

User comments on Patch note 1.08 Update:

Fans hope that the version 1.08 is a little bit odd and might be released by mistake; If this is a mistake, Respawn Entertainment will likely post news on what has happened in the near future.

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see what are the reactions of fan over this issue.

“Yeah something is not right,” one user writes.

“The games I did make it into people were lagging all over the place. Also making my PS4 sound like a jet engine.

“Looks like there was an update! Is any info other than the game is broken? What was it supposed to fix before it broke more stuff?”

Apex Season 1 Point of Attraction:

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