4 vs 4 Match Mode

What is 4 vs 4 Match Mode in PUBG PC Lite – How to Play?

What is 4 vs 4 Match Mode in PUBG Lite?

The PUBG PC Lite Patch Note released on 8 August includes a new minimap and new match mode which is quite similar to the TDM or Team Death Match in PUBG Mobile.

If you are a PUBG Mobile Emulator player, then I will especially recommend this PUBG PC Lite game is for you only. The PUBG PC Lite game is compatible for medium configuration PC or Laptop where the Tencent Emulator Lags due to system incompatibility.

4v4 img 1
4v4 img 1

You can play PUBG PC Lite on your PC or Laptop by just having minimum 4 GB RAM and 2 GB Graphics. The Recommended Settings and Installation guide is given in another article you can check the link given below.

How to Play 4 Vs 4 Match Mode?

Follow the steps given below to play 4v4 match mode in PUBG PC Lite.

How to Play 4 vs 4 Match Mode
How to Play 4 vs 4 Match Mode
  • Open the Game PUBG PC Lite
  • Go to 4VS4 Match (Beta) under Play Option
  • Select the Squad or Solo option.
  • You can play this match only in FPP Mode.

4 vs 4 Match Mode Rules:

  • You can Play this Mode in FPP only.
  • Crates will not be spawn after death
  • You will get Level 1 Loot and a grenade at the beginning.
  • The player can choose any weapon.
  • The player is revived 5 seconds after his/her death.
  • User cannot be damaged by other players as he/she will be invincible for 7 seconds.
  • After 7 seconds, your health will recover 10% every second and eventually recover up to 75%
4v4 img 2
4v4 img 2

How to win the match?

  • The team to make 30 kills first wins.
  • If the duration of the match exceeds 10 minutes before either team reaches 30 kills, the team with the high kill counts wins
  • It will result in a draw if both teams have the same kill counts at the end of the match
4v4 img 3
4v4 img 3

Winners Rewards are as follows:                                                                 

  • Winning team: 60 BP
  • Losing team: 30 BP
  • Kill point: 5 BP per kill
  • Draw point: 60 BP
  • Additional MVP point: 30 BP

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