What is 4 vs 4 Match Mode in PUBG PC Lite – How to Play?

What is 4 vs 4 Match Mode in PUBG Lite?

The PUBG PC Lite Patch Note released on 8 August includes a new minimap and new match mode which is quite similar to the TDM or Team Death Match in PUBG Mobile.

If you are a PUBG Mobile Emulator player, then I will especially recommend this PUBG PC Lite game is for you only. The PUBG PC Lite game is compatible with a medium configuration PC or Laptop where the Tencent Emulator Lags due to system incompatibility.

4v4 img 1
4v4 img 1

You can play PUBG PC Lite on your PC or Laptop by just having a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 2 GB Graphics. The Recommended Settings and Installation guide is given in another article you can check the link given below.

How to Play 4 Vs 4 Match Mode?

Follow the steps given below to play 4v4 match mode in PUBG PC Lite.

How to Play 4 vs 4 Match Mode
How to Play 4 vs 4 Match Mode
  • Open the Game PUBG PC Lite
  • Go to 4VS4 Match (Beta) under Play Option
  • Select the Squad or Solo option.
  • You can play this match only in FPP Mode.

4 vs 4 Match Mode Rules:

  • You can Play this Mode in FPP only.
  • Crates will not be spawn after death
  • You will get Level 1 Loot and a grenade at the beginning.
  • The player can choose any weapon.
  • The player is revived 5 seconds after his/her death.
  • User cannot be damaged by other players as he/she will be invincible for 7 seconds.
  • After 7 seconds, your health will recover 10% every second and eventually recover up to 75%
4v4 img 2
4v4 img 2

How to win the match?

  • The team to make 30 kills first wins.
  • If the duration of the match exceeds 10 minutes before either team reaches 30 kills, the team with the high kill counts wins
  • It will result in a draw if both teams have the same kill counts at the end of the match
4v4 img 3
4v4 img 3

Winners Rewards are as follows:                                                                 

  • Winning team: 60 BP
  • Losing team: 30 BP
  • Kill point: 5 BP per kill
  • Draw point: 60 BP
  • Additional MVP point: 30 BP

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